Saw Palmetto and E/C

Steve McDermott

New Member
I read (T-mag I think) that taking Saw Palmetto, although at a higher dose than usual, has been shown to decrease the side effects of E/C products with no decrease in effectiveness.  Has anyone had any experience with this?
The problem is that if you decrease the "side effects" of e/c you decrease the effectivenes. You can't really separate the effects with the side effects.

Saw Palmetto binds and blocks the activity of the androgen receptor as well. This binding is not terribly strong, but it does happen. So saw palmetto is an anti-androgen both because it appears to reduce the activity of 5-alpha reductase but also because it binds the androgen receptor intself.

Theanine is the only thing I have come across that seems to temper the effects of caffeine.