Depends on which sarm you are looking into. You won't get results on par with using AAS. I guess at least they are legal. They do work but imo the results aren't worth the monetary cost.
Initially a friend asked what I thought of SARMS and also he was looking into Prohormones which I now think he has decided that if he did PH then he might as well do AAS. SARMS then started to pique my interest so my thought was if I do it was to use Ostarine for 6-8 weeks during my current maintenance period so would be more of a recomp (if there is such a thing!!) - may not even do it as my current set up (utilising myo reps in upper body) and daily squats seems to be working fine but maybe using SARMS would be even better [emoji123]
Have used ostarine and lgd-4033 and had great results and no sides! Well "great" for an oral non-steroid thing, lgd gave me like 2 kg lean mass, very little surpression and ostarine 1 kg and some fat lost! Did no pct after ostarine but never felt anything like surpression and kept gaining afterwards, but i didnt do any bloodwork so...
They arent expensive either, at least from my europian source here!
I don't know guys,
This trial here http://www.ergogenics.org/twaalf-weken-kuren-met-3-mg-ostarine-per-dag.html (okay in dutch but you can translate) indicates lowered test and lowered HDL in a 12 week cycle with only 3mg Ostarine.

This shop here http://www.sarmstore1.com/go/mk-2866 does indicate that Ostarine is an experimental drug not to be used in vivo. It seems indeed that not all clinical trials have been gone through and that development might have been stopped at some point for a reason you don't know.

I'd be very carefull to take it. I think it is presented more positively then it really is, and there might be some important hidden sides that remain unknown or aren't stated anywhere