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What do you guys think about this DIY pull up bar kit. It can be easily made from my understanding.

I'm also wanting to know opinions on just putting a steel pipe across one of those one piece fiberglass shower/tub stalls. It would go the length of the tub and rest atop where the stall sticks out of the wall. It seems pretty sturdy there. I'm actually wondering about how much the pipe could support and would I have any problems with breaking.

Forgot to add the link to the pull up bar kit....sorry.


Scroll down to see it.
I'd allready covered the safety problem in this thread about those type bars:
Two other options are to put 2 eye hooks in the ceiling joists, hang short chains from them with a bar going thru the chains, or,
drill out the casing on either side of a cased opening (if you have one wide enough) and slip a bar into it.
An additional idea I had is this accessory for a different grip: http://www.hypertrophy-specific.info/cgi-bin....t=13085
I recently also taped two pieces of sandpaper to the bar with ductape at the place where I grip for pullups. Very nice and, uh, "grippy".
Thanks for the help. But I rent so I can't be drilling holes or making anything permanent. I picked up a 2x4 at work today and am just wondering can't I lay it across where the shower curtain goes in the shower stall and pull up using that. It allows for ok grip and if that doesnt' work out in the long run I can always shape it to a more grip friendly shape.
5 feet length with a 2x4 will bear about 300 lbs safely if stood on edge (actually more, but wood is inconsistent) so your next concern would be it slipping off, or tearing up the walls as it moves around, or if the shower is tile, tearing off the top tiles and losing your deposit.
Is there a playground there? Or exposed fire extinguishing pipes? If you have two doors close enough you could put your board across them. I've never had any problem with curling my legs to pullup or chin since I do that naturally.
If you do the door thing, check the screws for tightness first.
Its funny you mentioned the 2x4. I picked one up yesterday. I just have yet to cut and install it as I haven't started my cycle yet. The stall is fiberglass caulked up to the wall. Its one of those one piece shower/tub stalls.

If that came loose and bowed in on me the worse that could happen is I'd have some sore knees, bruised up legs, and have to caulk the fiberglass back.

I'm thinking it will be fine....and this is why after doing some thinking.

I've owned a LOT of fish tanks throughout my life. All a fish tank is, from the smallest to the greatest, is glass sheets caulked together. That's it. I had a 55 gallon tank that weighed around 500 lbs in water weight alone (not counting gravel, rocks, etc). The caulking that held those sheets of glass together bared the brunt of those 500 lbs.

I don't have a basement. I'm in an apartment building with no playground and I can't damage or drill anything.

So as I see it this is my only alternative really.
The over-the-door unit that hangs on the casing would work, but you'd have to add some nails as I mentioned in the other thread, so it couldn't detach itself. Keep your eyes open though; you never know where you might find a spot to jump up and pull on!
Good luck with the bathgym.
True and thanks for the insight. I will be careful of the "redneck" contraption I made. IF anything negative come about I'll make sure and post it as something NOT to do! ;)
(The Long Run @ Oct. 13 2007,07:29)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">I will be careful of the &quot;redneck&quot; contraption I made. IF anything negative come about I'll make sure and post it as something NOT to do! ;)</div>
Hey, Quad, hold my beer and watch this...!
Heheh, yeah, most redneck deaths are preceded by that statement!
Reminds me of something I saw on the wall of the bail office when I went to get one of my guys out.
&quot;A friend will bail you out of jail.
A great friend will be sitting there with you,
saying &quot;Wow, that was fun!&quot;