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Home made dip-belts:

4ft piece of rope (or chain to avoid splicing)
one or two snap hooks
old towel (for padding if using thin rope)
duck/duct tape

splice a loop into both ends of rope
wrap towel around rope & cover with tape

Thread rope thru' weights, then back thru' loop (if not using towel), attach snap hook to "loose end" loop, place around hips & snap back onto the rope... start dipping

**Try this Before buying a "proper" dip belt; whilst waiting for my TKO belt to arrive I had to make one of the above, 'cos the new HST cycle was about to start... Sh1t - could've saved the £16 as my DIY solution fits better!
I just bought 6' of chain and a snap hook to use with my regular lifting belt. Then I got home and realized that my lifting belt from 15 years ago doesn't quite fit around my fat gut anymore!

I will have to try something like what you describe although I don't quite fillow what you are describing exactally.....even with the picture. I think I have seen other descriptions on how to make one though so I should be able to figure it out.

Thanks for reminding me that I can make my own.
My chain with 2 spring clips is only about 30" long; works fine, clipped to the buckle of my belt. I have a stand I sit the weights on that lets me thread the chain thru the holes at waist height. My chain wouldn't work well without that when using different size plates.

I forgot to add: Good job DM! I love a good buck saving design from a bit of ingenuity!