Protein Shakes & Nose Bleeds???


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I know this is unlikely but could protein shakes cause nose bleeds - back story is in October last year was getting daily nose bleeds and the doctors could find no reason but at the time my creatinine levels were considered too high so was advised to stop taking all supplements (stopped taking protein drinks, creatine and BCAAs) and retake the blood test after a couple of weeks, the nose bleeds actually stopped at this time (I had just started to bulk at the end of October) so I put it down to my lowish body weight as was down at circa 178 lbs (people were saying had lost too much weight in my face and JP3 had me at 7.3%, I wish) - however started having protein drinks since 02 February (to get rid of what I had already purchased after finally been given the all clear with renal function after two more blood tests) and in the last week daily nose bleeds have started again - coincidence or has anyone else experienced this?

What I have been taking is this -
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