Protein Powder + What = Mass Shake


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Hi guys,

Quick question....

I've decided mass shakes are good for my goal, however they demand you take huge portions and so they don't last long at all (i've seen some comdey 24 scoops a day ones while searching the web, making a 6kg bag last days).

Protein shakes last a lot longer, so i figure i may be best buying a protein shake and then adding a tonne of oats to it. Is this a good idea? Is there anything else anyone would add?

My shakes are made with milk, whey and maltodextrin (which is pretty cheap). Whole milk for extra caloric intake but slower digestion. The protein part is pretty straight forward, in the CHO front you can use peanut butter, honey...
I use bananas or whole orange juice for CHO. Two bananas, a pint of whole milk and three scoops of protein powder makes for a great shake - I add a couple of raw eggs too, but I'm not recommending that you do that.
Thanks Lol, i used to drink 30 raw eggs a day, so that would be no problem for me.... however i don't think my current work place would approve!
I may milk bananas and honey sounds nice and the maltodextin looks cheap