The best pieces of home equipment that you can buy, at least, at my bias. Visit Powertec, for QUALITY equipment. They host a series of leverage machines (plate loaded) & many racks and free weight equipment.
I've been comparing Nautilus and Powertec. Does anyone know of any other comparable brands. I'm specifically interested in a cage or power rack....]
At first glance, the Nautilus equipment looks closer to commercial standards than the Powertec stuff. Have you compared prices? I bet Powertec's a lot cheaper. Also, the Nautilus equipment seems not quite as versatile (e. g. their half cage doesn't have a chin-up bar or dipping bars). I like the built-in plate horns, though. If you have money to burn and space for more than one workout station, I would go for the Nautilus equipment.

Another homegym brand is Body-Solid. Their stuff doesn't seem quite as innovative as Powertec, but they have a larger product selection. If you don't find the specific product you're looking for at Powertec, check them out.
Nope, no money to burn, but I'd rather spend some extra time/$$ than have regrets later...
Body-Solid's products may be worth a good look. I kind of liked their Pro-Power Rack.
I considered buying that as well, but the local Powertec dealer offers a rack system (power rack + pulley system + bench) for an incredibly low price!

Maybe you can make a better deal if you go for a package, too.

When I compare both racks directly, the Body Solid Rack has more safety positions, which is a plus. Yet I like the round safety bars of the Powertec model better - one could use a wrist roller with these (check PDA, though the price is astronomical). I also like the Powertec chin-up bar better, because it offers a parallel grip. If you are able to do some welding, you could of course modify the Body-Solid rack to fit your needs as well. I have tested some Body-Solid equipment at a fitness exhibit, and their products seemed really "solid" to me - in a homegym, they should be able to pass the test of time.