Powertec Power Rack review

If you can slip it to the side, wipe rubbing alcohol on the bar and see if it sticks then. Or smear innertube patch cement on the bar and slide the rubber back over it.
The problem is that it is only loose towards the end of the bar. The other part is tight and I can't remove it from the bar. If the bars were knurled I wouldn't worry about them, but they aren't. And the rubber grip do offer a good ecure grip so It would be nice to be able to use them. I emailed Powertec to see if they will do anything about this. If they won't then I probably won't have any choice but to remove them.

I have also found that one of the short pins that they use to rack the bar on is welded crooked and won't fit in some of the holes on the rack. I asked about this also. Hopefully they will replace it. If not I guess I will have to buy some hooks.
Well, so far I'm pretty impressed with Powertec's customer service. I already received a reply to my email asking for my address so that they can ship replacement parts.
Yeah, have them ship replacements. The rubber on my bars is just fine, so you must have gotten a bad set.

I think that the dip bars are OK, too, but the truth is that I probably didn't pay much attention to the knurling.
Just for general info, any bike shop may carry this stuff for installing handgrips - makes them slip on and turns into glue when it dries out. We used to use the rubbing alcohol. I'm ripping the rubber off my dip station too and need to buy some.
You'd think they'd make those things to handle a guy with 100lbs on his belt!

Once again, machinery designed by some college boy who doesn't lift!
Use pipe isulation for your dip bars...


Yes...I am a plumber and I built these dips bars from 1" steel pipes and then laid pipe insulaiton on them. I got the thick insulation, as it is less painful on the palms.
After heating the original grip up with a hair dryer I didn't think it did anything. But after I let it sit for a few hours it had tightened right up and doesn't move at all now. I have already received my "Short Pin" and a new rubber grip for the pull up bar (they came last Thrusday), which I will just keep as an extra.

I was told that the dip bars are on back order and will be sent when they get them in.

Sci, The dip bars don't hurt the hands because they are 2" dia.  They are just a bit slippery with no knurling on them.  It sounds like I will have an extra set once I get the replacement bars.

So far my Powertec Customer Serivce rating is an  A+!
I have the Powertec cage and am happy with it. I do not have the lat attachments etc as I don't like anything inside my rack in case I have to exit quickly. I have a seperate lat pull down cable row.
Well, although I was initially impressed with Powertec's customer service....I'm not anymore.  It has been months since I requested the replacement dip bars and I still haven't received them.

I have emailed once each month since my request only to receive a reply stating they they will check with the factory.  I usually received the reply emails within a day or two of sending them.  But I haven't heard anything since my last email and that was a week ago.

So, I'll probably be stuck with dip bars with no knurling on them...which kind of sucks.  Oh well....they still work.  I'll probably just have to pick up some lifting chalk so my hands don't get so slippery.

I still like the squat rack and I still think it was a good buy...and I would buy it again even knowing some of these issues.
Like many manufactured products these days, I believe this stuff is made in China.  As a consequence, they are apparently having some problem getting spare parts. I have been waiting months to get some extra spotter bars, but every time I call they just say they have not yet received them. Price of cheap goods, I guess.
You could order your extra spotter bars from New York Barbells.  They have lots of attachments that will fit most racks.  I will probably buy some J hooks and maybe some plate holder attachments.

Here is a link to their Spotter Bars.
I finally received my replacement dip bars yesterday....only 8 1/2 months after requesting them!

The knurling on them is much better than the original ones I received.  However, one of them doesn't fit tightly to the rack and wobbles when you put any side to side pressure on it.  Which means it would also be dangerous, maybe more so than the bars with virtually no knurling on them.  I'll have to see if I can tighten it up with a sledge hammer or something.

I guess I shouldn't expect parts that actually fit the rack properly for my hard earned money.   Oh the wonders of "made in China".  
Take a pic of the attachment point and I'll see if I can figure out a way to tighten it up.
BTW, to help my weakbutt handgrip, I taped sandpaper to my chinup bar because it was really smooth and I don't want to use wraps on it. Works pretty well. No slipping!