Power Cage With Assisted Chin/Dip


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I would like to see a plate loaded assisted chin and dip station that bolts to the back of a power cage the same as the lat pulldown stations do.

This would allow me weight progression each workout and allow better form to be learnt rather than having to start with BW and having to hump yourself to the bar. Also it would allow me to meet higher target reps.

It would be cable driven similair to the pulldown station, instead of the cable being attatched to a bar it would extend down and fix to the knee pad. Roughly half-way down the vertical chrome sqaure tube stanchion(?) there would be a horizontal square tube with the dip handles at each end pointing into the cage.(The chrome stanchion would pierce through the the horizontal tube).

The plates loading pin slides up and down the top half of the chrome stanchion tube and the knee pad slides up and down the bottom half.

The knee pad would fold down out of the way for weighted chins/dips and normal use of the power cage and the dip handles would pull out and be stored vertically.

The power cage would need to have its chinning bar at the back rather than the front.

(Enigma66 @ Jun. 02 2006,17:58)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Here's a guy who built his own onto his power rack using the safety bar as the pivot point.

I've actually got something like that, the problem is the knee pad travels in an arc rather than straight up and down so your lower body gets shifted back and forth.

Also the knee pad does not stay flat so your knees want to slide off at the bottom and then the pad sticks in your shins at the top.

Lastly you cant use it for chins either and thats what I need it for most.
If money or space is an issue, then I'm assuming this thing would be of no use to you;


If so, I would think somehow turning the knee pad section of you lever into a round pad on a 3/4&quot; diameter pipe that revolves might be a solution. Then the the knee pad would roll from one point on your shins to another during the movement(s), but at least you lower body itself wouldn't shift that much.

Or you could somehow put the &quot;flat&quot; knee pad you already have on a second pivot point at that end of your lever.

Anyway you might want to study the design of the machine I linked up above. Perhaps the design of the arc of their lever is the key. Maybe if you can modify your straight lever, it might make for a smoother movement.