please critique my first HST program

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    Hey everyone I am about to start my first HST routine because i've heard a lot of positive things about them especially for bulking cycles. Heres what I have come up with:

    Workout A (Every-other workout)
    Squats - Warmup, 2x15x____
    Leg Curl - 2x15x____
    Bench - Warmup, 2x15x____
    Chinups - 2x15xbodyweight
    Straight back deadlift - warmup, 2x15x____
    Shrugs - 2x15x____
    Ez barbell curl - 2x15x____
    Skull crushers - 2x15x____
    calf raises - 2x15x____

    Workout B (Every other workout)
    Leg Press - Warmup, 2x15x____
    Leg Curl - 2x15x____
    Dips - Warmup, 2x15x____
    Rows - 2x15x____
    Shoulder Press - 2x15x____
    DB Flys - 2x15x____
    Shrugs - 2x15x____
    Preacher Curl - 2x15x____
    Cable Pulldown (Tris) - 2x15x____
    Calf raises - 2x15x____

    after 2 weeks, the reps will go down to 10, then after 2 more weeks the reps will decrease to 5 for 4 more weeks (im unable to do negatives because i dont have a spotter.)

    Does this look ok or should i change some exercises? I will be taking a multi, optimum whey protein, Green Magnitude, White Flood, and Purple Wraath.
    Thanks for the input
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    can anyone please give me some input?
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