I have found the way to dumbell progression heaven! I use hexagonal dumbells as they are so practical, no need to change plates, just grab your load and lift. The one problem which everyone knows is progression. Normally to progress the load you have to jump up 10 lb.s (5 for each dumbell). Today I bought platemates- little magnetic weights that attach to the dumbells. They come in 1.25 lb.s and 2.5 lb.s, so for example if 55 lb. dumbells are too easy for you, but 60 lb. db's are too hard, you can attach the platemates to your 55 db's and you instantly have 57.5 db's!!! I love these things, they are an HSTers dream come true for progressive loading!
Cool idea. I've looked for them before but couldn't find them. I just got the plate loaded dumbells and bought some 1.25 and 2.5 pound plates (4 of each) to add to my 5lb-45lb collection I have with my weights.
The problem even with those little plates (not the platemates) is the plate-changing.
It's already unconvenient (for me) to keep on changing plates on the barbell for different exercises, I hate having to do it for dumbbells too. I want those platemates!!! Unfortunately, not yet available anywhere near me.