Onto Negs and thinking of switching things around

Discussion in 'Basic Training Principles and Methods' started by Nosaj, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. Nosaj

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    At the moment I really struggle to do a meaningful amount of Chins/Pull ups/dips at Bodyweight only. Pull ups I may manage two maybe three unassisted, chins and dips slightly more.

    Next week I will be commencing the negative stage of fives and I wanted to swap out Lat pull downs and Bicep curls and introduce the above exercises as I think they will benefit me far more than the exercises I currently have. (please see my training log for all my exercises)

    I workout at home and have a powercage but I do not have access to a weight assisted machine. I have to be a bit imaginative and either add in jumping up and lowering under control or placing one or both feet on the bench to reach the required number of reps

    Question one is this method OK or should I stick to what I am doing until the end of my first cycle?

    Question two on the second cycle I really want to introduce these from the very beginning and my plan was:

    For fifteens I do five, tens do two x five and for fives do three x five and for negatives bang out as many reps as I can on each set.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.....thks
  2. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Q1: Use a step/bench to raise yourself up for the chins. For dips, you might find a bike rack at the local park or other piece of equipment has good spacing for doing them so you can lower yourself down. A couple of tables (depending on their shape and weight) might also be good. Set a rep target for negatives, as you obviously can't do them in 'sets'.

    Q2: Don't do it like that. You still need progressive load and want to benefit from the 15s and 10s at this stage. Just leave them until the 5's.
  3. Sci

    Sci Well-Known Member

    Until you get stronger, it may be wise to stick with lat Pulldowns, so you can do less than body weight. Once you can do 5-10 reps with your body weight on the lat Pulldowns machine, then you know you can graduate to full chin-ups.

    Of course, when you finish the 15s,10s & 5s, you can do two weeks of negatives for chin-ups.
  4. Nosaj

    Nosaj New Member

    Thanks for the advice gents, will leave the swapping out until the negatives.
  5. dempsey

    dempsey Member

    You could use resistance bands to assist you.

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