NSI Products

I take their Creapure creatine. It seems to be good, I got a boatload for very cheap. All I can say for sure is that it mixes well and hasn't caused any stomach upset...as far as performance I really can't tell if its any better/worse than another creatine.
Colby,  I see a few different NSI fish oil products but none that you could get two containers for $20.  You are getting them from Vitacost.com right?

Can you please link the one you purchased?

Thanks Colby. That looks like a great buy.

How many caps of those should be taken each day? About 6 caps?
Hey Colby, Are you satisifed with those fish oil capsules after taking them for a while?

How big are the capsules? Are they big horse pills? I'm trying to find some that my wife can take and she has problems with large pills. I'm planning on ordering some for myself but thought I would get an extra container if they are a reasonable sized pill.

Oh yeah, how long do the capsules usually keep before they go bad? If they keep a long time it would probably be worth buying 4 bottles or more at a time.

I'm also gong to order my next bottle of ZMA in the NSI brand from VitaCost. It is only a couple bucks cheaper than the Optimum brand, but a couple bucks is a couple bucks! And the difference is about half the shipping cost since they have the flat $5 shipping charge.
The capsules are standard fish oil capsule size, and at first they are like horse pills. I swallow one at time, but I'm not the best with pills. Look into the liquid fish oil. You can always mix it with something else to mask the bad taste.

Some things I noticed in the past few weeks:
Improved flexibility (I think this has to do with the joints)
Better sleep
Less headaches

I am at maintenance dose right now (4-6 capsules/day), and I'll up the dosage in a few weeks.
The liquid fish oil that I bought has been stored in a fridge at my office. I put it in a green Mountain Dew bottle and half of it is solid at the bottom. Is this due to the product or the bottle? Fish oil should be liquid at cold temps since it is polyunsaturated fats.
When I was taking the liquid Carlson fish oil I kept the bottle in the fridge as recommended. It got real thick and cloudy when it was cold. I contacted Carlson and they said that it is normal for fish oil to thicken and get cloudy in cold temps. The said to set the bottle out in room temp for about 20 min. to get it back to normal before taking it.

I think with the capsules as long as they don't get HOT and are kept in a bottle that won't let light in they will be fine at room temp. The bottles of fish oil liquid should be kept cold though and used within about 90 days.
Thanks Bulldog, the cloudy substance at the bottom didn't go away after an hour of sitting out on my desk. I shook it up; should I take some of it or throw it out?
(colby2152 @ Jan. 02 2008,16:11)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Thanks Bulldog, the cloudy substance at the bottom didn't go away after an hour of sitting out on my desk.  I shook it up; should I take some of it or throw it out?</div>
Is it just the oil in a bottle?  I thought you were using the caps?  If it is just the oil in the bottle I would let it get up to room temp and see what it is like.  If it doesn't clear up I would pitch it.  If it clears up I would think it should be OK unless it is more than 3 months old.

The people at Carlson also said that you should NEVER shake fish oil because the little bubbles of air that get into it from shaking will cause it to go bad real fast.
I thought I would add my experience with NSI's ZMA. I've been taking it for about a month and I don't experience the deep sleep or crazy dreams I was getting using the Optimum Nutrition ZMA.

I'll be switching back to ON ZMA when this bottle is gone.
That's what I thought too. But if I remember right the Zinc and Magnesium in the NSI brand may be a different kind (so to speak) than what is used in the ON brand. I would have to look at both of them though to find out. But there definitely is a difference in how I sleep between the two.