New York Barbell

Now you'll need a pec deck...two ways to do it on this machine...either set the bench cradle to the floor and pull forward with the straps or face down with the straps on the pulldown cradle like this:
Okay, you're gonna have to ask momma on this one...the cased opening pullup/chinup bar. Drill holes in both sides of the opening and put an old bar into them...I used some old plate keepers to keep it centered.
Aw shucks, while I'm at's a dip station I bought at Play it Again Sports for $35...I added pipes to the backside to hold plates. That's my homemade pressdown rig in the back.
Now if you have a saw, screwgun, and a drill, you can build a weight tree for oly plates with a piece of closet rod. Mine was wood also.
I'm still looking at equipment. I'm pretty sure I will be going with free weights instead of a lever machine. After looking around again I see that Powertec has a new "Workbench" system on their site that I haven't seen for sale at any of the on-line stores.

Are there any real shortcomings that this would have compared to a full power cage? The only real thing I can think of that is possible with most power cages that you can't do with this are dips. That and the safety catches look kind of short. Other than that what differences might I be missing between this setup and a full cage.
also on this one scroll down to have a look at what exercises you can do on the powertech lever equipment it looks