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If you keep hitting these places, you can eventually score for cheap on the little stuff. I really wanted a balance beam to offset the temperature problem with the springs in scales, and found this little Sears unit (long discontinued) that will measure you right down to a 1/4 lb. accurately. ( a month or so ago)
...and after scoring six pairs of jeans for $25, I found a replacement for my little tubular flat bench...a BODYSOLID INCLINE BENCH for $30.00!!!!

Omigawd, I just checked this thing out on the Bodysolid site...
Model: GFID71

MSRP $429.00
...missing the leg attachment, but WHO CARES!!! Oh, and this is their PL model - 18" high to the padding.
WAHOOOO!!! What a day!
You're the Garage Sale King...!
Yeah, $30...absolutely blew my mind...but today we spent some REAL money: A Hundred and Sixty Whole Dollars for an Image 8.0 elliptical machine...has a really neat set of programs in it (using four "D" batteries) and a lot of ways to it feels as smooth and nice as any in a gym. Retail is around $300 or so, we got it at a moving sale.
...and threw that junker of ours out to the curb!
(quadancer @ Mar. 06 2008,07:46)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">...and threw that junker of ours out to the curb!</div>
Bad move you should of sold it for 30 bucks and you could of bought some more stuff! Hehe

Damn good job on the thrift store...( Im jeolous)

Quick mom works for a dentist (he is not your average dentist).

This guy is down to earth and probabley makes 250k + a year...but he buys EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING at yard sales and such....

The guy has tons of stuff like this.

I think he has like 17 cars at this point anything from a police car to and ambulance to a limosine. All of the cars are old and used...but none the less its pretty cool of him!

Anyway Good find Quad!!!
Excellent bench find Quad. It looks like a good 'un. Mine set me back the equivalent of $200 in your money. Good things definitely come to he who waits.

Never understood why those other cardio machines are worth getting though. I'd rather go for a walk or a jog but that's just me. I guess if the weather's generally bad or it's dangerous to go out where you live (pollution, muggers etc.) then it makes a lot more sense to do cardio at home. Think I'd fancy a rowing machine most. Dunno.
Our cardio machines are here for:
a.) variety, initiative, inspiration, incentive
b.) completes gym and looks cool
c.) our traffic will Kill You
d.) keep my wife from getting FAT. Hasn't worked for me yet. I guess I'll have to start using them after all.