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Discussion in 'Basic Training Principles and Methods' started by pinzon, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. pinzon

    pinzon New Member

    Hey everyone.. I just heard about HST from a friend, and was very crittical towards the idea, but darn it now I just cant wait to try it! :D
    I searched the net for info on HST, But Im still a bit confused by a couple of, probably very simple, things.
    1. Strategic Deconditioning? is it done after EVERY 8week cycle?
    It just seems as a lot of "breaks"?
    And after SD, you just start all over again right? 15s. 10s. 5s and 5s again?
    2. How do I do Abs in HST?? I dont see how I could get anything out of doing 5s with crunches f ex? my Abs max is probably 80reps... So how should I do them then? Because where I workout, we dont have any machines for Abs? Is the six-pack a reality when just doing 1-2set, 5-15reps?
    And oh, how long should the workouts be? 45min?
    Thanmk you very much, I hope I didnt just repeat same old questions..
    But I cant wait ti try it out, and Im very glad there is a Forum for help...
    Thanks Very much [​IMG]
  2. Tcup

    Tcup New Member

    did you read this?
  3. pinzon

    pinzon New Member

    Hi Thanks for your reply... yes I read that, and I think I have understood most of it concerning the basic principles of HST, but I havent been able to find anything regarding Abs training?
    Thanks again..
  4. Joe G

    Joe G New Member


    Yea you normally you would take a SD after every 8 week cycle. However there is nothing that says your cycle cannot be longer than 8 weeks. So if you feel like an SD every 8 weeks is too many breaks than feel welcome to lengthen the cycle.

    In regards to your abs question: most of the guys here don't necessarily do "HST" for abs. The most important part of a six pack is going to be your diet. So dont do the 15-10-5 microcycle thing with the abs, just do them and get a good workout a few times a week.

    Joe G
  5. pinzon

    pinzon New Member

    OK! thanks alot! I appreciate your help... I will do that...

  6. Fausto

    Fausto HST Expert


    I'll try to cover your questions, however both Joe and Tcup are quite on the money I'd say.

    1 - Reason is to avoid repeated bout effect, however you can push a cycle to 12 weeks, but by then you will be bordering on injury or your joints will be screamng for vengeance [​IMG]

    2 - After SD you start again, yep :D 15's help avoid injury for the later much heavier loads, they are howeber not eseential and can be done away with, but should beincluded if injury or joint problems are lurking by! [​IMG]

    Deconditioning completely deconditions the muscles making them susceptible to growth stimuli with similar loads as previously used, obviously the intention is to progress as much as possible, but sometimes one lurks same time with a bench or similar heavy exercise on the last workout, one is then working close to 1 - 3 rep maximum. ;)

    Abs - some guys do some amount of loading but HST itself does not really lend itself to abs completely however one can use some loaded progression (eg: Kneeling cable crunches or crunches with a dumbbell).

    Main thing is nutrition (BF levels) and your favourite routine and exercises [​IMG]
  7. pinzon

    pinzon New Member

    Thank you very much, Fausto, Joe G, Tcup, and everybody for your answers... it helps a lot.. I think it takes a lot of time to understand HST and make an individual program, but after I get the hang of it, Im sure it will be very easy..
    Thanks again for speeding up my understanding of HST! :)

    Thanx a lot [​IMG]

  8. Fausto

    Fausto HST Expert

    Here is a sample for your perusal.

    Just put in your values and your own exercises, on the last colum and the wroksheet calculates the rest:

    I was using 1 rep maximum on the last cloumn by the way!

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