Need Protein Recommendation...


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I have been using muscle milk for a while now and have recently read it's sorta BS and also dangerous due to the high saturated fat content. I need a good recommendation on a good protein supplement that will keep nitrogen levels high throughout the workout. I would go with HSN but those products seem to be discontinued. Thanks!
Holy ****! One of hte products on is $440!!

Anyway, I don't know what to believe about muscle milk. I read one user-comment on amazon by some guy claiming to be a nutritionist who claims the MCT's in muscle milk do contribute to arteriosclerosis, despite what the label says.
Guy at our supp store (who also sells it) says the guy who produces it was relieved of duty with another company that made dog food, animal supps or something, and the formula is from them. Supposedly, it's puppy nutrition, the reason for all the fats.
I cannot verify this tho.
And yes, some saturated fat is good for you. But my experience with MM was that it's a fatbomb. My gut didn't lie.
I'd heard the same story- that it was puppy formula w/ a good flavoring system. that's not necessarily bad, but despite what Cytosport claims I can't get past the total or saturated fat content. the serving size is enormous too.