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Discussion in 'Basic Training Principles and Methods' started by KingBert, May 16, 2011.

  1. KingBert

    KingBert New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm not new to lifting but I'm new to HST and I am a bit confused about how to make my own program. I have taken a look at other people's programs but I wanted a couple of different exercises to personalize it but I was afraid of overstressing or understressing certain areas.

    First, I should explain. I plan on cutting during my first HST cycle, and then bulking for my second cycle and beyond.
    Also, I injured my back when I deadlifted the day after moving my brother into his new apartment. This was a couple of weeks ago but I thought I should avoid rows and deadlift for this first cycle.

    I'm not sure if I should have an A and B workout. This is my ideal workout and I have listed them in order of how I plan on doing it each day (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)

    Incline Bench
    Weighted Chins
    Standing Shoulder Press
    Dumbell Shrugs (does it matter dumbell or barbell?)
    Weighted Dips
    Barbell Curls
    Tricep Extension
    Sitting Calf Raises

    How does it look? Feel free to tear this up. I really could use everyone's input.
    But I really want to keep both incline bench and dips because those areas of my chest are not very big comparatively. I also want to keep chinups and shrugs because I have never done those in my past two workout programs.

    Whatever you guys say, I will do. Please give me the best advice you can offer. I have plenty of time to do my workouts so pile on the exercises if you like!

    Thanks guys!! You'll be shaping the next 6 months of my life!
  2. QuantumPositron2

    QuantumPositron2 New Member

    I've never done an HST routine so I can't help you there. But I do so love to ponder lift selection so here goes my 2 cents:

    If your back isn't up to deadlifting, will it be up to squatting? and overhead pressing? and shrugging?

    I like incline DB presses over barbell. There's some EMG tables in Designing Resistance Training Programs showing the DB to elicit more activity, about 7% more if I recall. To make hoisting those DB's into position easier you can buy power hooks. Hard to explain. Just search on amazon for them and you'll see what I mean. I own a pair.

    You could go with seated incline curls for emphasizing the lateral head of reverse curls to bring up the brachialis instead of a standing barbell curl. Of course if your chins are done overhand forget what I just said.

    The long head of the triceps is involved in humeral extension. Doing a lying DB pullover and going into a DB extension makes 'em hurt pretty good for what its worth. This is relevant b/c the long head is a big chunk of triceps.

    Sitting calve raises largely remove the gastrocenemius (spelling?) and preferentially activate the soleus. Gastrocs attach into the femur whereas the soleus attaches to the tibia. So when you bend your knees at 90 degrees the gastroc is shortened at the proxmal end and unable to generate much power, ergo, again, the gastroc is largely inactive. If I were to do one calve exercise only it would be with the legs extended: donkey calve raise, standing raise, or raises in a leg press. This activates both the soleus and the gastrocs.

    Hope that helps.
  3. KingBert

    KingBert New Member

    Wow. Thanks for helping even though the thread is from 2011, the advice is appreciated. I learned quite a bit from reading it. Thanks.

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