Myostatin Blockers


What changes have you noticed since you have started taking the carao?

How long have you used it?

At what dosages?

Does it taste as bad as I have heard?
carao ... It has been 3 weeks now.

About a week into it, I "thought" I felt an improvement in cardio (easier breathing, slower heartrate, less fatigue) a couple of times. But since then, I have not seen much. I think it was pretty much placebo effect.

Dosage -- I started with 2 tsp (1st week) ED, and when I didn't see much result, I increased it to 4 tsp ED, for another week. For the third week, I have been taking it 6 tsp ED.

I have finished 1 bottle so far. One more bottle to go.


I am guessing carao will turn out to be a scam ... but it is still too early to come to that conclusion. I think by the time I finish the second bottle, I can judge it with more confidence.
Well, I feel I had some success with Myoblast. I got stronger and had a small increase in some bodypart measurements, but the cost is becoming a factor. Too expensive to keep using not knowing if it is a sound product.