My own BLEND of ZMA

Discussion in 'Anything and Everything about dietary supplements' started by Garratt, Apr 2, 2002.

  1. Garratt

    Garratt New Member

    I went to the store and baught the exact ingredients for ZMA, except a cheaper way.. However I'm only using less absorbably forms of Zinc Magnesium and B6, it's better then nothing.. i'll tell you how it works out..
  2. Steve McDermott

    Steve McDermott New Member

    I would be very interested to hear about your results. I think the ZMA thing is a bunch of hype myself. Definitely keep us posted. What brands did you get?

  3. Garratt

    Garratt New Member

    Will Do, I baught EXACT brand, But where I live quality is more regulated then the US... So brand doesn't make TOO much of a difference..

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