Minimal maintenance routine


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I've been wondering what the least amount of frequency and load would be required to maintain my gains. I know during the summer I have too much going on and am too active outdoors to want to spend much time in the gym and I've been thinking about how little I could do to keep my size and strength gains. My work and pastime activities are too physical for 15's to be very effective during the summer.
I've been considering once a week with something like my 10RM, one set for each exercise. I'd do dips, chins, deads/squats, and then each workout throw in something like incline DB curls or some other isolation work for a different body part each week. I could be out of the gym in 20 min or less :D
But, maybe I should be using some progression, starting with my first 10's workout and moving up each week? Or should I just use my 5RM? Should I train differently to keep strength over size, or vise versa?

If you can't tell, I've argued this in circles in my head and I definitely need some outside help
If you`re going to hit you body only once a week thats fine. Just remember to train each bodypart and forget all isolating moves. Do things like DL, bench, squat, dips, pullups and so on....

But 20 minutes in the gym :confused: That`s too little time if you want to train sufficiently.