Men's Fitness 12 week body plan

Discussion in 'Basic Training Principles and Methods' started by wungun, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. wungun

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    Anyone else have this article?
    I see that it employs some HST principles (frequency and steadily increased loads), but I find the diet plan pretty intriguing.
    I'm blown away at how the subject made really good muscle gains AND at the same time cut large amounts of body would seem contradictory to do both gain/cut at the same time, and it basically is, but it kinda flies in the face of most peoples idea of "must" over-caloric intake to gain muscle/bulk.
    Granted, the subject was new to lifting, and a lot of his gains can be attributed to that...
    Personally, I plan on following (at least) the diet for my cutting, and utilizing some of the (different to me) exercises to "confuse" my muscles from my normal routine.
    I just dunno if I have the focus and determination to follow such a hardcore diet!
    If anything, I think this routine should be a good guide to cutting while maintaining muscle.
  2. Totentanz

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    Good luck confusing your muscles. Might be difficult to get them confused since they have no neurons with which to become confused.

    Dieting is simple. Eat less than you burn during the day. Lift heavy. Watch the fat disappear. You should always be extremely skeptical of anyone who claims to have put on significant muscle while losing significant fat.
  3. wungun

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    Lol @ Tot. I don't mean mentally confusing my muscles!
    You know what I mean...working them in different exercises than I've been doing for the last year. And it'll likely help motivate me doing a different routine.
    They don't claim to have done it...the subject documented everything, workouts, diet, etc. and posted weekly progress pics. It wasn't just another "do this, get that" workout article like the hundreds I've read before...
    Step by step, this particular person lost something like 10 or 12% body fat and put on 9Kg muscle in 12 weeks. (I don't know the exact figures off hand).
    It looks legit...the only skepticism I have is the 12 weeks part.
    You can check it out in PDF format online (torrents)
  4. Jester

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    I have a lovely plot of land to sell you. It's been described as 'lunar', but don't let that stop you ...
  5. Sorry I'm late to this discussion... Without the help of illegal substances, 9kg of lean mass is more than than one can expect to put on in an entire year of proper training and nutrition. The general benchmark within the bounds of, science, law, and reality is ~1.0 pounds of lean mass per month, and that's if you do everything right and have good genetics. Total newbies to training can expect slightly more, maybe 1.5 pounds per month; folks who have trained for a long time may only hit .5 pounds/month. "It looks legit"?? I know you want to believe it; heck, I want to believe it too!! Sign me up for 9kg of lean mass gained in 12 weeks! It's simply NOT legit, it's not real. Rule of thumb regarding 90% of magazine "articles" like this: they are 1/2 truths at best, myths, designed to get the untrained/uninformed masses who are unable to comprehend a proper research study, to put down the bag of doritos, get off the couch and purchase a bottle of snake-oil and/or sign up for a gym membership...

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