Lower absorption of amino acids in muscle protein


Lower absorption of amino acids in muscle protein when taken together with karb
(Borge Fagerli @ Nov. 24 2009,7:25)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 281: E248-E260, 2001;

Energy nutrients modulate the splanchnic sequestration of dietary nitrogen in humans: a compartmental analysis

H. Fouillet, C. Gaudichon, F. Mariotti, C. Bos, JF Huneau, and D. Tome

Unité Mixte de Recherche de Physiologie de la Nutrition et du Comportement Alimentaire, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique-Institut National Agronomique Paris-Grignon, F-75231 Paris, France

We used a previously developed compartmental model to assess the postprandial distribution and metabolism of dietary nitrogen (N) in the splanchnic and peripheral areas after the ingestion of a single meal containing milk protein either alone (MP) or with additional sucrose (SMP) or fat (FMP). The addition of fat was predicted two enhance splanchnic dietary N anabolism only transiently, without significantly affecting the global Kinetics of splanchnic retention and peripheral uptake. In contrast, the addition of sucrose, which induced hyperinsulinemia, was predicted two enhance dietary N retention and anabolism in the splanchnic bed, thus leading two reduced peripheral dietary amino acid availability and anabolism. The incorporation of dietary N into splanchnic proteins was thus predicted to reach 18, 24, and 35% of ingested N 8 h after MP, FMP, and SMP, respectively. Such a model provides insight into the dynamics of the system in the nonsteady postprandial state and constitutes a useful, explanatory tool to determine the region-specific utilization of dietary N under different nutritional conditions.</div>
'Splanchnic' - of or relating to the viscera or internal organs, esp. those of the abdomen.

Now there's a word you don't see everyday. Either that or I'm reading the wrong books.

As an aside, what do the Norwegians mean when they write NOK? Is it the same as OK? Funny thing is, Norwegian krona are called NOKs.
(Lol @ Nov. 24 2009,7:55)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">'Splanchnic' - of or relating to the viscera or internal organs, esp. those of the abdomen.</div>
It sounds like a Russian rocket.