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  1. Lol

    Lol Super Moderator Staff Member

    I thought it would be convenient to have a separate log to track PR's on the way to reaching our lifting goals.

    It should also be motivational to see a thread of posts listing all our PR's over time and the moment when we get to achieve our goals.

    It's not always easy to find PR's among the posts in a training log; so, as a lot of us keep them now, this could be a handy place to quickly scan through our best lifts to date, to see where we are and when we achieved our PR's.

    If each person who wants to do this maintains a post with all their goals, current PR's etc. and updates it with new info when they make new PR's, it'll make it a great place to keep tabs on our own progress and how everyone else is doing too. If someone's doing really well you can be sure everyone else will be checking your main log! :)

    I'm going to put my present goals and some current PR's in a post to see if I can get the ball rolling...
  2. Lol

    Lol Super Moderator Staff Member

    Lifting Goals for 2013
    Front Squat: 160kg (353lb)
    Back Squat: 180kg (397lb) x 5
    Clean & Jerk: 110kg (242lb)
    Snatch: >85kg (187lb) or bodyweight
    Chins: bw+40kg (88lb) x 5

    I'm not going to set goals for deads and bench as I won't be working them often enough, but I will test them every couple of months to make sure they are not dropping off—I don't want that to happen.

    Other Goals
    Get some rings and learn to do ring muscle-ups!
    Get back to doing some levers if my expanding legs will allow it.
    Do some longer distance rows out to sea (longest to date is about 10 miles).
    A 2 minute handstand against wall.

    Longer-term Goals
    Front Squat: 180kg (397lb)
    Back Squat: 200kg (441lb) x 5
    Clean & Jerk: 120kg (265lb)
    Snatch: 100kg (220lb)

    Current PR's
    Front Squat: 140kg (308lb) (31/12/12)
    High-bar Back Squat: 170kg (375lb) 01/02/13 @ BW 199lb
    Low-bar Back Squat: 190kg (419lb) 16/04/10 @ BW ~210lb
    Deadlift: 215kg (474lb)
    Bench: 130kg (287lb) 01/02/13 @ BW 199lb

    Other RM's
    High-bar Back Squat: 11 x 140kg (308lb)
    Front Squat: 15 x 100kg (220lb) 16/03/13

    O-lift PR's
    Snatch: 71kg (156.5lb) (31/12/12)
    Clean & Jerk: 106kg (234lb) (10/01/13)
    Clean: 107kg (236lb) (10/01/13)
    Hang Clean: 100kg (220lb) (10/01/13)

    C2 Rower
    500m: 1:28
    1k: 3:20
    2k: 7:04 - I know I can beat this time, I just don't want to enough!!
    5k: 18:46

    Other PR's
    Handstand Against Wall: 80 sec
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  3. Sci

    Sci Well-Known Member

    Deadlift 405 this year, ultimately pull 500!

    i'd also like to get Weighted Dips to hanging two 45s from the belt this year for multiple reps, (about 290 lb.s total weight)

    Chin-ups I'd like to do with a 45 plate for multiple reps.

    p.s.good Log topic, this will help get some competition going, which is vital to the iron game!
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  4. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    I went ahead and made this thread a sticky. I think it's a great idea.

    Lifting Goals for 2013
    Back Squat: 500
    Deadlift: 650
    Bench: 350

    I may add some goals for other lifts as time goes.

    Longer-term Goals
    Deadlift: 800 - I really ultimately want to get in the 800 club. Not sure if I can do it natural though.
    Back Squat: 600
    Bench: 400
    Total: 1700 - I want to get a 1700 total some day

    Current PR's
    Back Squat: 485 lbs
    Bench: 315 lbs
    Deadlift: 635 lbs
    Total: 1435 lbs
  5. ------------------------------------
    Nativetroutbum's Goals for 2013
    For 3-5 reps:
    Deadlift 375
    Dips BW +135*
    Chins BW+75
    Squats 305*

    1RM Goals:
    Deadlift 400
    Dip BW+150*
    Chin BW+90
    Squat 325*
    (*I realize these are quite aggressive... gotta' shoot for the moon and at least you'll hit the ceiling.)

    BW Goal
    185 (current BW = 177)

    Softer, more subjective goals
    Attempt overhead presses
    Begin working barbell bench press back into workout and develop 3-5rm and 1rm goals
    Consider adding some "power/explosive" lifts; power cleans, etc.
  6. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member



    DB Row: 100kg
    DB Shoulder Press: 50kg

    Aiming for mid-year on the latter, end of year on the former.
  7. TunnelRat

    TunnelRat Active Member

    I'm a simple guy with simple tastes:

    1) I'd like to get my Deadlift back up to 345 lbs.
    2) I want to get my body weight down below 130 lbs.
    3) I'd like to get my waistline down to 28"

    There! I've said it publicly!
  8. TangoDown

    TangoDown Member

    Goal PRs to meet or exceed by January 1st, 2014:

    Bench Press: 225lb

    Squat: 300lb

    Deadlift: 365lb

    Military Press: 145lb x 5

    E-Z Bar Curl: Bar + 80lb x 10

    Pendlay Row: 200lb x 5

    Weigh 170lb or less when these PRs occur (currently 161lb, at 5'8" [height most likely here to stay lol]).
  9. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member

    Goals for 2013

    Deadlift: 200kg

    Longer term

    Standing OH BB: push body weight

    I reckon I can get to 80kg without losing lean mass, I should then be able to press my weight as I can do a couple at 75kg already.
  10. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member

    8 RM´S Chins:BW(84)+25kg. Dips:BW(84)+45kg. 4 RM´s:
    Chins: BW(85kg) + 37kg
    DL: 152.5kg
    Dips: BW(84kg) + 55kg
    Standing BB OH: 70kg

    3 RM´s:
    Bench 10* incline DB: 52.5kg
    Squats: 105kg

    2 RM´s:
    Dips: BW(84kg) + 65kg

    1 RM´s:
    Dips:BW(84)+70kg Deads: 185kg
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  11. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    100kg DB row by mid-year ticked off.
  12. TangoDown

    TangoDown Member

    How many reps? That's insanely strong.
  13. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    4 rep clusters for now. I spend more attention on my back than anywhere else. When I started lifting semi-seriously (pre-HST), I had a Bill Pearl encyclopedia form like the 70's and there was a few paragraphs throughout about how most lifters ignored their backs relevant to their 'bench press' muscles & biceps (ala what they see in a mirror). "Well, not me!" I thought. And that just stuck.
  14. _tim

    _tim Well-Known Member

    I'd have to really look for what my previous PR's were; I think Bench was in the 275 area, Squats were in the 325 area and Deads lived in the 425 area (for singles). So, my lifting goals for 2013 go a little something like this...

    Deadlift: 455 x 2
    OHP: 225 x 2
    Bench: 305 x 2
    Squats: 375 x 2

    Chins & Pullups: BW x 10; BW + 45 x 2
    Krocs: 125 x 25

    Other stuff (not as often worked)

    Overhead Squat: 185 x 10
    Power Snatch: 205 x 5
  15. Lol

    Lol Super Moderator Staff Member

    Flaming heck, Tim! P-Sn 205 (93kg) x 5 and OHS 185 (84kg) x 10! I'm not saying I think those two are twice as tough as any of the other goals you've listed (all great goals, BTW), but the technique requirements for both of them probably are, so I think they'll be much tougher to get if you don't work those lifts as often as the others. I say, go for it! :)
  16. _tim

    _tim Well-Known Member

    I thought that may catch someone's eye.... I never list the OHS work I do because it's almost always a warm up activity. I've taken to really liking the challenge so I figured I'd make my new fun public. I'll add 'em into the rotation as it makes sense and see how the rest of the year goes. Power Snatch is that elusive lift that I find does a ton for me when I put in the time. So - again, by making it a public goal it shoves the onus onto me to do the work. I'm in a good cadence right now; it's time to reign in the goals that have eluded me thus far. Thanks Lol - as always.
  17. Nailed deads @ 405x1 today!! (14 June 2013)
    I got 370x5 multiple times during my cycle that just ended today. I'm guessing I could have gotten 375 for 3 had I tried it.

    Close to a goal on Dips.
    Pretty dang far off on Chins...
    Haven't even attempted a squat in the last cycle.....
  18. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    New goals:

    200kg Deadlift

    230kg Rack Pull

    Getting shoulder rehabbed, leading to120kg Incline Press
  19. Sci

    Sci Well-Known Member

    Hit a milestone today, 405 pound Deadlift, pulled 8 plates! Next stop 500 (10 plates+).
  20. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member

    Updated PR´s and goals

    Deads: 200kg 1rep. 170kg 5reps. 130kg 12reps
    Military: 85kg 1rep. 75kg 4reps.
    Chins: BW(87.1)+42.5kg 4reps. (ie 129.6kg total)
    Dips: BW(97.5)+56.25kg(153.75kg) 4reps. BW(100kg)+25kg(125kg) 12reps
    Squats: 110kg 5reps.
    BP: 135kg 1rep. 110kg 5reps.

    New goals for the rest of 2013:

    Do a 210kg deadlift.
    Press more than 80kg military. (CHECK)
    Increase my chins PR by pulling the same weight at higher body weight(+ 5-10kg)(ca130kg total for 4reps) (CHECK)
    The same for my dips. (ca160kg for 2 and 155kg for 4)
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