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I saw on Discovery channel a piece on leptin.

Quite some time ago, I heard that leptin was able to make fat mice thin. Then I also heard that leptin probably was not the answer for humans, because obese people already had high leptin levels.

But it seems, from watching that Discovery channel and those researchers (on that documentary) talking about leptin, obese people who were tested had genetic problems: they were leptin insensitive due to genetic.

It seems to me that normal folks who do not share such leptin insensitivity "should be" sensitive to leptin injection.

Am I wrong? Are there other studies on leptin which indicates otherwise?

If I am right, we should be making injectable/orally absorable leptin!!
Did they mention how the body reacts to it ? Does it down-regulate its own production ? Is there a way to fool it into producing more ? Or are eating days the (only) way to go ?
From what I've read, and from Bryan's response to a question, periodic refeeds based on body fat% can boost leptin levels and trick the body into thinking it is not "starving".  

He also recomended Vit E 400iu, Zinc 30mg, and Glucosamine 1500mg 3x/day(total 4500mg) to help keep levels up.

par deus wrote a thorough article regarding leptin at avantlabs.com. he's got a continuation of the article in next months issue.
Bryan wrote an introductory article, too, at:


I remember reading on M.F.W. that Elzi Volk recommended a slightly more frequent refeed (i.e., 24 hours 1x/wk for men at 15%BF, cf. every other week in Bryan's article). You can find the thread by searching Google Groups <group:misc.fitness.weights insubject:"leptin for dummies">.