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Discussion in 'Basic Training Principles and Methods' started by swimbody, Apr 4, 2003.

  1. swimbody

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    Good Morning and Happy Friday all. I was wondering if there was a one stop link that told you, in layman's terms, how to get up and running? Additionally, I think I've put together a good workout plan but I'd just like to have it checked by an expert:
    I just finished my second week of 10s. I did two weeks of 15s previously and, of course, I have two weeks of 5s coming up followed by a week of negs (dips and chins). My workout consists of M,W,F Squats, Leg Curls, Incline Bench, Chin-ups, Rear Delts, Shrugs, Biceps, Triceps, Calves, and Seated Rows. Is there something I'm missing and how often should I change up my exercises?

    I've noticed a very quick increase in my strength since I've started, particularly in the Incline Bench due to the fact that my muscles were probably already strong enough, just underworked, due to an 8 month break from exercise. I was a world ranked swimmer in college and I always lifted weights and at 6'4" I stayed at or near 170-185 lbs in weight the entire time since I stopped growing.

    I want to change my life by adding 30 pounds of pure muscle, I have the body that will do it but it will happen S L O W L Y since I've only gained about 2 pounds in the last month. I'm not in a rush to become Charles Atlas of Arizona, I just want to have a completely chiseled physique coupled with tremendous strength. I'm already pretty much as strong as some of the muscle heads in the gym but I weigh 100 pounds less. Is there a product that will help me get to my goal a little faster? I think calorie intake is inhibiting growth but I'm curious as to the effectiveness of weight gain powders. Any help would be appreciated :confused:
  2. Mindwraith

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    If you think you got a good workout going then eating would be whats holding you back. I've the only experience with nasty tasting weight gain powders is a nightmare of gaggery. I suggest you start mixing the chocolate protein shakes in fat free milk to help boost your calorie intake. Put 1 tbsp of Barlean's Flax Seed Oil in there too. Liquid calories help a lot since you don't get full on them and can still eat more 20 mins after. Trying to stay low fat and bulking is hard to do and almost futile for me personally. Eat lots of 100% whole wheat bread, meat, cheese, eggs and pasta and you'll see the results you want. If you really have a hard time eating a lot as some skinny guys like you do then stick to the less recommended stuff like pizza. Pizza Hut stuffed crust is like 350 cals per slice putting you at 1k with just 3. If you're lactose intolerant you might not be totally doomed, your best bet is kolaches. Try to stick to high protein high carb meals with low fat as possible. For you though fat may be ok for a while.

    Keep track of your calories on it shows you your carb and protein intake for each day and really breaks everything down and gives you an idea of the things you could eat to meet your goals. Takes a few days to get all the foods you eat programed in but after that it's just two clicks to add it.
  3. swimbody

    swimbody New Member

    That is a great site. Thank you. Hope the workouts look good. Since I got no response on that I assume that I'm doing allright. Once again, thanks for the site info. So is a protein shake much better than the weight gain powders? I'm not wild about choking down a gritty nasty chalky tasting shake. :)
  4. micmic

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    Let me tell you how to make your own gainer:

    You take a scoop form a protein powder (85-99%), add 4 scoops of table sugar, and voila! you have a great weight gainer.

    This is all weight gainers are. You should better eat your protein form whole foods and buy a protein powder > 80-85% for when you are in a hurry or don't have a protein source available. If you need extra calories, you can find good (or bad) carbs anywhere.

    BTW, 2 lean pounds in a month is not bad at all. If you were to gain 5-6 lean pounds in a month, you would become a professional bodybuilder in less than a year. Not possible, I'm afraid.
  5. Steve McDermott

    Steve McDermott New Member

    Your workout looks comlete to me. If you have access to a dip station you could add those in as well as something for your delts like side laterals.

    As far as changing exercises, I wouldn't worry about it too much. If you like them and they are working for you, then there's no need to change them.

    Start with food as you first "supplement". Once you have your diet working for you then you should add in Protein powder (pre and post training this is a must), Fish oil, and Creatine.

    Stick with this approach far a while and see where it takes you.
  6. mikeh

    mikeh New Member

    Yes, I think your workout looks good.

    Here a good article to get you started

    Eating for size

    Yes, it's called "food"

    Good luck [​IMG]
  7. Mindwraith

    Mindwraith New Member

    Yes, for one thing if you get the chocolate kind I get it tastes dang good. Like real hersheys chocolate milk for the most part.

    They have calories and combined with 2 scoops and 2 cups of fat free milk will only further boost protein and calories. My protein is 100% whey from GNC 20g protein and 110 cals per scoop, so with 2 cups of milk I get about 380 cals and 60g of protein. Combined with a tbsp of flaxseed oil that makes about 400 cals (you get your very important omega 3's and 6's there, tastes like peanut butter in the chocolate shake). I even go so far as to eat 3 big regular spoonfuls of Arrowhead Mills Oatbran to make 550 cals and another 9g of protein making that 69 grams along with 7g of fiber. When cutting I just leave off the milk, I take one of these every morning and then just 1 scoop with water before and after workout. The rest of my protein comes from cheese, turkey, eggs, tuna, milk, bread and oat bran.

    To further add cals when I'm not cutting I tend to eat 2 servings (1 cup) of grape nuts with a cup of milk, that adds very low fat high carb/fiber food with 500 cals or so, with honey on top that makes for even more. Do this an hour before bed and you'll go right to sleep quick and easy due to the tryptophan in the milk. Grape nuts is probably the highest calorie low fat cereal out there that I've seen so far. Tastes dang good too with honey...put it in the microwave to make it even better.

    Another thing is all natural peanut butter, take two spoonfuls of that with some honey and that makes another 400 cals or so, might wanna measure it with tbsp to be sure. Peanut oil and peanuts have lots of lysene aminos I believe, however there's a lot of that in whey protein. I've noticed what whey lacks most of as far as essentials is methenoin and tryptophan you can get all that from the oat bran wheat milk and turkey. Just keep in mind it's best to get your tryptophan by itself which mainly means drinking a glass of warm milk, do that before bed instead of the grape nuts if ya wanna...that'll put ya out..oh and put honey in it studies show the carbs in honey boost the effect.

    Just thought I'd drop more advise ya while I was at it.
  8. swimbody

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    Thanks everybody. Eating has always been a problem for me. I'm just not onw of these sit down and eat 2000 calories types, besides, I know its really bad on the body. And eating lots of meals all day is dang difficult, just gonna take discipline. The other suggestions sound great, Grape Nuts were always a joke to me since, if you remember, they were considered a diet food back in the 70s. Bad association. Well anyways. Guess the weight gainers are bad bad bad, huh? Waste of money?
  9. Most aren't necessarily "bad." But most ARE a waste of money -- you're paying a premium for calories (grams of carb, grams of protein). And the cheap ones usually taste like crap and won't dissolve in a blender.

    Their biggest advantage is that they help people put down calories who otherwise have a hard time putting enough down enough.

    If you have to make a concerted effort to put away enough food to grow well, at least do as Steve suggested: get the protein in before and after workout. Quick, clean protein (like a Whey powder) immediately before your workout ensures good supply into your muscles as they suck in the nutrition during your workout. And plenty of protein and carbs afterwards keep the recovery going.

    Plan on eating for the four hours after as part of the workout. Then, on your off days, you can relax the feeding frenzy. You might find it easier to tolerate.

  10. swimbody

    swimbody New Member

    Is Creatine a necessary purchase? I'm curious as to its functionality and if its worth the money?

    Thanks for all the responses. Weightlifters take care of their own.
  11. Mindwraith

    Mindwraith New Member

    Creatine Monohydrate by itself is definately worth the money. Dump a heaping teaspoon in your shake before workout and whenever you drink it on off days.

    Heh as for the grape nuts, ignore the misconceptions everyone has about them. I swear they're good, they're probably the best tasting cereal out there next to cookie crisp. They're fine by themselves but this is one of those add stuff to it type of cereals. Cut up some bananas into it for extra taste with honey. That will up it to 600 cals with 2 servings.

    "and what about those grapenuts, no grapes, no nuts, whats the deal?" - Jerry Seinfeld

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