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Hey guys.. haven't been on here in a long time but its good to be back.. i have read tons of reviews in searching for some home equipment and finally settled on an ironmaster dummbell set with bench.. i already have a treadmill so i am slowly working my my home gym status.. i was just wondering if anybody else has these dummbells and if you do what you like/dislike about them..

also i will be doing pretty much only dumbbell exercises in the near future (though i did buy an ez curl bar with the weights) so i wanted to see if i could get some suggestions for good hst routines to get back into the groove (i haven't really exercised much in the past 6 months or so due to wedding/buy a house).. thanks
I took advantage of their 30-day return policy and tried them out at the same time as a pair of PowerBlocks.  The PowerBlocks beat Iron Master hands down on the speed of weight change and I decided that the difference was enough to send the Iron Masters back.  However, that was before I started HST and my weight changes were more frequent than I do now -- if you are so inclined, drops sets wold definitely be too slow.  Note, also, that they are made in China.  Besides that, the only other negative I recall was that the plates are painted black and will probably need an occasional touch up -- here in the Pacific NW even some of my regular dumbbells have developed rust in my garage "gym."

On the plus side, they do have the advantage of a traditional dumbbell shape and do not have the technique constrictions that the unique PowerBlocks design introduces.  They are also much more cost effective -- especially if you want to get the heavier add-on weights (the PowerBlocks "Big Block" kit add-on costs over $400 retail!). In use, they are just like regular dumbbells and work fine.  Plus, they meet the intended purposes of adjustability and taking much less space than a comparable set of full dumbbells.  Some internet reviews note that the screw doesn't tighten all the way with a single slim plate -- this has apparently since been fixed, as I found no problem with this.

By the way, I kept the IronMaster bench, largely due to the high degree of adjustability and the attachments.  I am getting a Powertec power rack and will no longer need the pull-up and dip attachments, but they are nice if you need them.  The preacher curl attachment is kinda funky: you have to use the bench at a slight incline to get it high enough if you have any torso length and it really only gives you a vertical pad to work with (Scott Curls).  Potential downs to the bench are that it is narrow and seems to be a bit higher than most benches -- but some folks like a higher bench, so that is personal preference.  For all that, I don't regret the purchase.
good info Ruthenian.. the biggest reason for me getting them as opposed to other equipment is because of the stability and warranty of them.. i didn't mind the longer time for changing weights because hst doesnt' call for speed (though you did say a similar thing).. i'm excited about the bench as well because it does look like quality hardware. Glad to hear you like it..

how was the return process for you?? don't think i'll be using it but good to know.. gives more points in my head to a company that takes care of their customers..
I think that you will like the bench -- the design is unorthodox, but it is cool to have so many angles of adjustment.  If speed were not an issue, I might have chosen the IronMasters over the PowerBlocks, so you are also likely to be satisfied with those.

The return was no hassle at all, so no worries.  
 Just keep the packaging until you are sure of what you are going to do.  They particularly wanted the paperboard liners back between the weight plates to prevent chipping.

Having good home equipment is great -- enjoy!