Inzer Lifting Briefs


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Anyone who has visited my log recently may have read that I recently gave myself a hernia doing a spot of deadlifting.

Whilst waiting for my op I've been doing what I can to train around it. Heavy, regular deads are a no-go but I can squat - as long as I stuff a rolled up shirt down my pants to put some pressure on the area. RDLs are just about okay too as long as I don't go too heavy. Front squats feel worse than back squats.

Anyway, because of some other stuff in my life, my hernia op has had to be delayed so I'm thinking about getting a few pairs of Inzer lifting briefs to reduce the likelihood of exacerbating my injury. I've also read that they are good way to add some extra support during recovery following a groin op.

I'm thinking of these:

or perhaps these:

I'm just wondering if anyone of you good people have any experience with these briefs or something similar? If so, how did they affect your lifts? And did they provide the extra support you were hoping for?
if any, the power pants are better, but I dont think they will provide the sorta support you are hoping for. Depending on where the hernia is, a belt may provide a better benefit
Thanks Aaron. It's an inguinal hernia so it's pretty low down and just in from the crease between thigh and torso. It's below belt line. I'm pretty sure that wearing a lifting belt (too tight) is how I got it in the first place but you may have meant a 'truss' type of belt?
Ah, then i would still wouldnt consider the briefs, as if they are tight enough to offer support, they tend to 'bite' around the hips, not overly comfortable either