Incline Attatchment for Flat BB Bench


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Ok, so here's the situation.  I would like to be able to workout at the frat house when I get back to school, instead of fighting for racks and whatnot at the big gym.  We have a great setup, but we don't have an incline BB bench... we have flat bench and a freeweight DB one though.  Here is an example of what ours looks like:

Has anyone ever tried building like a ramp or attatchment to simply put on top of the padding that would put your back at an incline?  Seems like it would be pretty easy..
Would be easy if you're a attachment that would stand off the floor and stabilize a back pad that sits atop the bench. But here are a couple problems that come to mind:
If it slips you get hurt. So it has to "lock in" some way.
In your case it has to hold five drunken college kids.
Where your pad rests atop the bench pad, it has to be padded.
Your covering must be basically slip-resistant. You're on an incline.
So, as a carpenter, I'll say use a thick piece of plywood to not only sit atop the old pad, but to 'triangle' out and hit the uprights so it won't slip back...actually, notch it out for the uprights so you have to put it on from above and it can't slip forward or back. Then, you need two 2x4 uprights at the 'head' of the bench with the ends cut on a bevel of your choice of angle of rise. They would extend from the platform up to your next piece of plywood that will angle up from the seat position, with the bevels on top, of course. Put padding on it and you have a go. Don't forget to pad the underside of the platform, or at least carpet it to save the original bench. I'll draw a picture if you can't understand my ramblings.
I think I get what your saying... I'll try and draw it up myself and post it on here after work tonight.  I was thinking of also having a bungee cord that loops around underneath the flat bench as another means of tying it down.

And I don't know if it has to support 5 guys, but there is certainly the occasional sorostitute that finds her way into the gym on a late night  
Here's a top view with the 2x4's delineated at the top end of the incline board and the notches for the uprights.
Interesting... yeah sorry I didn't get around to drawing what I thought you were describing... had a lot of school work to catch up on after work. Are the x's above or below the main flat bench?
The "X"s are the standard end shot of a 2x4. You are looking at the overhead view of the thing, the long rectangle being the inclined board, the 2x4's are under it supporting it, and the triangular bottom board is flat with the two notches cut out of it for the uprights. I designed it this way for simplicity and ease of build. There are other things you could do to make it adjustable, like putting the contact point as a hinge (an old door hinge would be great) and making some sliding blocks with notched faces, but that's another story. With the rigid design, you need a triangular block cut at your angle to put behind the contact point so you have something to put screws into.
NEVER NAIL homemade gym equipment. It will come apart.