im not gianing weight..


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Hey people,

Please help, i have been working out for about 3 months now.. and i go gym 5 days a week. My workout plan is Day 1: Chest, Day 2: Arms, Day 3: Chest, Day 4: Arms, and day 5: Back. I also rotate the machines and exercises i do every 2-3 weeks. I have been on around 65-67kg since the beggining of my work out and still am 70kg. I can see the strength improvements and the some muscular gains and i have become more cut. Although, my muscles are soft even when flexed.

I do not know if this is normal or not. I dont do cardio very much, if i do its about 20 minutes of walking/jogging a day, but usually i get to lazy for it, i do not hav much body fat and can see my muscles everywere but still i do not gain weight and my muscles are soft.

Please tell me how i can increase my muscle hardness and my weight quicker. what am i doing wrong?