im feeling like im not growing..

Discussion in 'Basic Training Principles and Methods' started by imported_hollowtek, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. okay.. to start with i've been working out for a while but i really got into it summer 05. i started going to the gym a lot when i was 17, and have been going there consistently since may 05.

    I just don't want to waste my time anymore, after last night when I decided to develop my camera pictures (after 3 months), I noticed I had not changed much at all, in fact it looked as if I had loss size. I'm actually considering a personal trainer now, not that its a bad thing.. But it just had me feeling bad because I put a lotta hard work into it. And I felt even worse when I looked at one of those workout magazines on the shelf they had there (at walmart). Lol kinda sad isnt it.

    when i first started, i was 160 @ 6', pretty skinny/lean. By November I got 165, very lean... Since November, I haven't noticed any dramatic changes in weight/size.

    Right now, I'm 163~167, my biceps are 15 1/2 inches, waist 30 1.2, thighs 22, calves 14 1/2, forearm 12 3/4. The only difference now is that my abs are a bit flabby again.

    I usually give myself 1 or two rest days per week. I'm not getting any bigger though, yet I am still getting a little stronger. I think the strength is pure effort though, but I'm not having a hard time adding weight.

    Should I start strategic deconditioning or should I try to change up my routine? I have tried to change up my routines a few times, but it hasn't helped too much. After noticing that by changing the routine up didn't help, I decided to add the changeup to my old routine... Which consisted of about 10 workouts. I have no problems finishing every workout each day, but it is very time consuming (up to 3 hours...)

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