IGF-1 Questions


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I've been reading alot lately about the benefits of IGF-1 for muscle hypertrophy. I'm guessing that the deer antler velvet products are pure gimmick, but is there a product out there where one could get this?

Also I read on a website that said after your workout your HGH levels are very high and your liver will convert it into IGF-1 if you can raise your insulin levels. They say you only have about an hour window to do this though and suggest having a simple carb snack right after workout so that you get an insulin spike and the your liver can combine the HGH and Insulin into IGF-1.

What if any knowledge/research can anyone share?
The only way you are going to noticeably effect IGF, GH and insulin to the levels most people are looking for is with exogenous administration. Now I'm not one to recommend insulin usage to non-diabetics, I'm just stating what people are doing. Most take IGF and 5 - 10 iu's of insulin prior to workouts, then carb load, consume more carbs and aminos during the workout, then take whatever peptides post-workout that are necessary to push GH/IGF levels further.
Finasteride works pretty well as long as you don't suffer the sexual side effects. I tried it for a while as my hair is thinning and after six months, I had a lot of hair regrowth. However, my sex drive disappeared. I was completely and totally uninterested in sex, didn't even think about it. It was kind of nice, as my thought processes were a lot clearer than usual. However, it was not so great for my relationship. Took months after I stopped for it to get back to normal and by the time my sex drive was back to normal, the hair I had gained had started falling back out...
So great stuff if you don't get the sides. But you have to stay on permanently.