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Dan Moore said:
Hypertrophy Research is an accumulation of links to research and scientific information concerning skeletal muscle hypertrophy (IE. Growing Muscles).

There are many aspects to skeletal muscle tissue growth involving many disciplines of science. Because of this we do not try and cover every detail in these pages but we do cover a substantial amount of research and information.

If your goal is growing large muscles and you wish to learn a little bit about the scientific underlinings of it, then this is the place for you.

Browse around make your self at home and if you have questions, comments or recommendations please feel free to ask them in our forum or email me at dan_moore@hypertrophy-research.com.
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Good find. Seeing this archive is like going back in time!

It would be great if a complete version of Dan's old site could be resurrected. Some good things on the web die prematurely and that was one of them.  
Hopefully, putting the finishing touches to his IF book. Well, that's what I'm hoping anyway. But then I'm still hoping for an HST book.
Yeah, isn't that basically the FAQs and a few interviews?

There's still the possibility of an up-to-date, real-life, hold-in-the-hand HST book IF Bryan ever gets a chance to finish it off. I'd still add it to my library of training related books, should it become a reality.