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Welcome Kurt.

Age gene to beat here too!

I didn't regular deadlift for my first six months of HST but I squatted and SLDLed 3 x weekly and made great progress. Once I got into heavy deads, though, I think my back started to strengthen and thicken up more. That is something I'm really glad I did as my lower back is now stronger than it has ever been. So, I'd definitely recommend incorporating regular deadlifts at some point in the future.

I look forward to reading your log.
(Lol @ Oct. 25 2005,10:13)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">My question is:

After completing a cycle, would it not be best to figure out new RMs for any different exercices I want to include in my next cycle before starting SD?

I would have thought that if I SDed and then returned to the gym to work out my new RMs I would spoil the effect of my SD and so would have to do it all over again?!

It's not that I would be swapping out many exercises, perhaps four or five, so working out 15,10 &amp; 5 RMs wouldn't be too taxing, but I still feel that I'd like to start on a cycle immediately following SD.</div>
Wow! One of Lol's very first newby posts!

How things change...!
(Kurt @ Mar. 19 2008,21:40)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">We know we will have the age gene to beat as well</div>
I have several pairs of old jeans, too. So far that hasn't been a limitation on HST...
Yeah, I remember when LOL first joined the HST community online! It wasn't too long after that I knew he would stay and be a great addition!
Aw, shucks you guys.

Hey TR, things haven't changed that much. I still feel very at home on this thread but I do venture out a bit more these days.  
Hi !

It is probably a stupid question but.. : how often do I need to repeat those exercices ? For example for the bench press, how often do I need to make the 15 rep ? Only once or more ?

Sorry for my bad english I'm a foreigner :)