HSN products

Thanks. Can you recommend 2 protein supplements that have the same effect as the "Driver" and the "Primer" that HSN used to sell ? i.e. one for pre-workout, and one for post-workout?
I get mine from truenutrition.com.

Just get a whey isolate or similar and get some casein. For preworkout, take only the isolate. Post workout take a scoop each of the isolate and casein.

I don't even bother with casein anymore, I just mix my protein in with greek yogurt, whole milk, kefir, etc. That slows down absorption plenty. Keep in mind that anything in your gut is also going to effect absorption and digestion speeds as well. I recommend that for post workout, just get a decent shake with isolate, some milk or whatever and then an hour or so after that, eat a nice size meal with a protein as part of the meal. Leave the casein as something to take before periods that you will not be eating, such as before bed, rather than post workout.