Homemade bumpers

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Have any of you guys done this? I saw this on a different site and seems like a winner of an idea.

Comments at the bottom suggest using a 10# plate for a flange. I'm seriously considering doing this and was wondering if anyone here had experience w/ it.

Pretty good idea... you could save some decent money if you arent terribly worried about getting the exact weight. Matching the weights well enough could require some machining.
(colby2152 @ Jun. 25 2008,4:52)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">You have to rely on the weight of the wheel and tire combinations.  That alone does not make it worth it.</div>
I think you can still put your plates too. The wheel having a bigger diameter then the plates it should still work ok.
If you are worried about the difference in weight between the two sides you can probably make it up with the flanges, using different weights on them to make up for the difference.
perfection has never been my strong suit. couple pounds off on a side is not going to cause FF to lose sleep. I'll be happy when I can safely bail on lifts and deadlift heavy w/ out concern for the floor. plus, I think I'll like bouncing barbells.

got a line on some trailer wheels/tires today. picked up four 10# plates from wal-mart to make my &quot;flanges&quot; with.

will take some pics when I put it together.
That is pure genius! And of course you could use any plates smaller than the tire diameter along with them. I wonder how many miles they're worth....
(quadancer @ Jun. 25 2008,4:49)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">That is pure genius! And of course you could use any plates smaller than the tire diameter along with them. I wonder how many miles they're worth....</div>
it is genius, I only wish I'd thought of it. strongman competitions use these things quite a bit too...

w/ the increased diameter, I think I'll have to deadlift off a small platform in order to keep the same ROM...
Ahh, yeah, you could just use these as bumpers in addition to your own iron plates! Great idea!
That's a very clever idea. If I had a home gym I'd definitely give this a try. It's a good thing that there are people who can think 'outside the box', because I sure don't seem to be able to. Also, Mehdi's website, stronglifts.com, is well worth a visit. He has a lot of interesting articles and videos.
made the &quot;bumpers&quot;.  here's a video of me using them:  http://www.youtube.com/v/pRQMKZWtCTU

picture is to show the spare sitting on the oly bar before making the flanges.   the donut spare's opening is only about 1/2&quot; larger than the oly bar.  but the flanges are still needed to provide more surface area w/ the bar, to keep it from laying over.  I really like the donut spares because they are barely larger in diameter than my 45's.

I realize this is pretty ghetto, but I think it will work and allow me to train the way I'd like to until the point comes that I can afford some slick equipment.

the spares cost me $15, hardware was $7, drill bits were ~$20 (which includes one bit I was using for pilot holes breaking/being replaced).  so all in all I'm into it for about $40.

I used 5lb plates for the &quot;flanges&quot;.  I'd purchased 10's but took them back after picking up some free 5lb plates off a buddy.
Thanks for the video of the rows as well. I feel confident of my form as it matches yours... same stance, same angle of knees and back, same height that the back goes up with the bar... only thing that is different is grip!

And as others have said... awesome work with the bumpers! How heavy are one of those?