Home built dip station


HST Expert

I have been toying with this idea for a while, in oredr to have one built in my garage.

One idea is to build one up by using two separate half square bars against the wall about 40 - 50 cms long each (which can be bolted in) with a separate round bar 30 to 40 cms long attached on the top of the bars along the wall (bolted in) with some kind of hinge system on them so that after use one could just fold the bars away. I just don't have the mecahnical brains to get to this one :mad:

Anyone out there with some ideas or maybe some structural drawing? Hey, the chairs at home just cannot take it after all when you start dipping with added weight it just becomes a little too much

The other idea and I have seen this one is the regular horse (wood or iron) commonly used in carpenters and other workshops

Any imput would be appreciated.

Here is what I use, some galvanized pipe and my squat rack.
looks real good Dan

nice and wide. One of the things that bothers me is the variation of dip bars in different gyms. The gym at school has an awful set, it's so narrow I practically have my hands in my pockets when I'm dipping.

Did you make that belt too?
No, I bought it and since my wife is an upholsterer I used some of her dense foam for a pad.
I wish I had a digital camera to explain, but i basically built a box with one top rung missing. Same material as Dan, threaded pipes joined with elbows. All materials found at the plumbing supply store. Cost about 50 bucks, those elbows are pricey.

The great thing about it is that it can be re/disassembled in 5 minutes. It weighs a ton and doesn't need to be secured, it just sits on the floor.