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    How important is to deep squat?

    I have some trouble to go very low because of my height. I'm 6.4 feet (194cm). I'm sure you all agree I'm quite a tall guy, so I have very long limbs.

    Because of my long legs it's really a trouble for my to go very deep. I don't have any flexibility issues, during warming up I can go as low as physically possible, however when I start loading weight, my knee caps hurt a bit if I go as low as during warm-up. I must also add that I have quite strong legs (squat PR 370 4RM), tough in my opinion my development is behind what it should be, taking into account the weights I handle.

    The question is, is it possible that my legs are not bigger because of not going low enough? Should I go lower at the expense of not loading as much weight? Maybe start using knee wraps would reduce the pain, but I heard contradictory opinions regarding the use of these.

    What do you recomend guys? Keep it the way it's going, lower the weight to go deeper or changing exercises so my knees don't suffer from my limbs leverage?

    Thanks for your help!

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