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    I'm 16 and have been lifting for a fair while, I also box 1-3x a week now. But I want to gain mass and weight as fast as possible and then cut down to a good bodyfat %.

    My most recent thread on bb.com forums shows my current physique if you can call it a physique: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=133262553

    I want RAPID muscle growth, and this system sounds good. Would it work just as well with intense boxing sessions on monday, wednesday, friday though? How could I incorporate a HST routine into my week? (free days are tuesday, thursday, saturday, sunday)

    Please outline it all for me for maximum gains, and also should my diet change on this routine?

    I don't understand the concept really, it's basically a full body workout every lift day?

    thanks a lot
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    It is a full body workout every lift day. You can do your HST routine after your boxing if you have the energy or you can do it Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Its up to you.

    The concept is based on a lot of research by Bryan Haycock. Don't worry about it. If you can do the workouts as he prescribes you are pretty much good to go.

    Be sure to do your squats and deadlifts for max growth. They will also increase your leg drive during punches so you'll hit harder too! And eat plenty of lean meats and good carbs. You seem to have some friends on BB.com. I'm sure they can cover the

    nutrition part with you.

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