Growth Hormone Supplements Work for Bodybuilding?

Discussion in 'Anything and Everything about dietary supplements' started by anoop, May 6, 2012.

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  2. CDB

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    Growth hormone works. Growth hormone 'supplements' are a load of BS.
  3. anoop

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    I would add to it: Growth hormone and growth hormone supplements don't work.

    In fact, I had a paragraph in there talking about the difference between GH supplements and injections. Then took it off at the last min.
  4. Totentanz

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    I don't really know many who even take GH anymore. Most have moved on to the myriad of peptides available that increase IGF or things along those lines...

    Of those who do use GH still, I don't know any who take it while bulking to build muscle.
  5. CDB

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    I'm waiting for myostatin antibodies that work. :cool:

    Once they're available, I'm taking 2 months off work and coming back looking like a randy steer.
  6. Totentanz

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    Yeah really disappointing the results with those and also with SARMs which have been quite a let down, in my opinion. But I'm sure some sort of myostatin drug that works (in less than insane dosages, anyway) will be developed soon enough. I know a guy who ran follistatin and it didn't seem to do much of anything except give him symptoms as though he had a cold or something. Of course who knows if the folli you find is real anyway. I've seen ace-031 around but nobody who seems to have logged a successful run of it.
  7. CDB

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    I had read somewhere, that escapes my memory now, that follistatin doses had to be pretty high and frequent to get any potential effect. Ah well, one day the magic bullet will come. WRT the antibodies, I was always hoping someone would figure out an extended release method. I remember in the old days IBE had a technology they used in their Tropin line that might have fit the bill. I tried the Ectotropin once, it was bar none the best appetite suppressant I ever used. The first day I tried it I went the whole day without eating and didn't even think of it, and then when I got home and I realized I hadn't eaten anything, I didn't even feel hungry then. Lost a good amount of weight during that run. Very potent product, wish it were still around along with its sister products.
  8. MyostatInfo

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    Hello i'm new on the forum and i'm a french pharmacy student working on myostatin inhibitors. There is a lot of problems with myostatin inhibitors like follistatin and ACE-031. Excepted the lack of efficiency of this products, their safety isn't well known. you're talking about symptoms like a cold which is due to the poor quality of the product and not to the inhibitor it self. we know that tendons becomes more brittle with this products increasing the risk of rupture. Further more, we don't know long terms effects of this products on human and all the potential side effects. so the benefit / risk assessment is really uncertain. if someone wants more information about this subject just ask.
  9. Deyasin

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    I have used the SARM Ostarine for 4 weeks, 12,5 mg each day, had great results, no sides, no surpression afterwards, did use PCT (Nolvadex, 10 mg e.d. for 1,5 weeks)

    Very happy about it, never used any roids, the Ostarine in combination with HST gave me about 3,6 kg FFM, which isnt bad for a low-dose oral which is not nearly as bad as Oral steroids like Winstrol or Dianabol

    Should notice that i normally gain like 1,5 kg in 4 weeks on HST, i'm (if possible) 100 % ecto, gain mass very slow, but never get fat, i now consume 450 g (complex) carbs each day and still very lean, currently at 67 kg (1m 66) , started out at 50 kg. 450 g carbs may seem very much for my weight but after trial and error this is what works best for me!

    Edit: As this is my first post, i might look like a salesman, but i thought it would be worth sharing as not much information is found about Ostarine on this forum :p

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