glycerlean- bryan have you seen this?


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check out glycerlean... i'm reading an article my friend brought over and it seems to work on the same principles as primer/ 13 times more growth than regular protein, blah blha....reading and summarizing for you guys...
600 percent more anti catabolic than casein...slows down the absorption of pumping growth proteins to your muscles 8 hours after ingestion!--their words hehe, talks about how it increases glutamine levels for bout 5 hours..same for leucine, price?! 2 pounds for 42 bucks, 4 lbs 75, 20 percent off at gnc 5/1 to 5/28...recomends 3 scoops every 8 hours...
It was listed several online nutrition stores at $25 per 2lb...

Looks like hype to me - time-release whey protein?

Just another attempt to sell an overprized protein powder - smells kinda like Muscletech.

Lyle McDonald wrote an excellent article series on protein. So instead of me spending time writing why this doesn't work, you will find it more valuable to just click on this link:

Protein - part 1 (of 4 in a series)
sorry, i'm not sure, i think it was next generation but my friend took the mag back....i'll get it back from him to double check then just edit my post hehe....sounds FAR superior to P/D....i'm glad i've already learned not to buy into the hype...seriously... my friend has this dang 75 dollar jar of glutamine cause he gets one serious cold or sickness once a month....but he trains to failure 5 times aweek, and runs about 25 miles a week...he can't figure otu whats wrong with himself..and theg lutamine didn't stop him fromg ettin sick last weak either, HAHA.....oh well....he's gonna get this protein cause he figures he's wasting his money on whey if this stuff is 13 times better, it even has "the research" according to him...but once agian this site clarified to me that most of the time the experiments are run by the companies and they can have an influence on how the science is actually reported...once again, oh well. i'll keep you guys posted.
Just do a search for it, I found three places using Metacrawler. It's time-release whey. :confused: