Freeweight Lever machines

The pulley attachnents would make it worth it, although I'm allready thinking about pullups, situp boards, barbell bands and half a dozen other things I'd be adding to it!
I highly recommend the Walmart super duper club Weider Home Gym. It's awesome. The weight stack goes up to like...100 lbs ! Oh, wait...I just thought of a better idea. I hear there are these places where you can actually get a membership and they let you workout for a fee. I hear they have good equipment and I think they call them health clubs. MAYBE YOU SHOULD LOOK INTO IT, you dweeb.

i dont know who this was aimed at, but if you can find me a gym where i can train for free sign me up

oh and were nobody is on the equipment you want.
and everybody puts the weights back in the racks.
and you dont have to travel to get there.
and there is no idiots sitting chating on benches.
and grunting ,and dropping there girlie weights on the floor like its 1000lbs.
oh and i forgot to mention PTs who know nothing
I'm confused myself.

Where did all that hostility come from? We were just discussing some equipment we thought would be nice to have at home since we work out at home for lots of reasons, including convenience and flexibility.
(stevejones @ Jul. 13 2006,18:41)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">lol

i know him from another board, just giving him a hard time</div>
He meant me! Sorry Steve, but we have a NO FLAMER site here, heheh. But you know that by now, I see you've been reading. R U still doing HST, or did you go back to DC by now? Hey, I thot you'd really pile on the HST strength system, since that's what you're mostly about.
Guys, meet Steve, he's one big, one ornery, one STRONG mofo, all nattral. He works out to show tunes and music by Cher.
Yeah, I'm pretty satisfied with HST, it's pretty awesome.  Too bad that Bryan's  HSN products haven't sold too well (I assume).  I'm still not finished with this cycle.  I'm on the last 2 weeks of it, doing 5 reps.  Once I'm finished, I think I'll do another cycle after I do a SD for 7 days.   The seven days off ought to give me plenty of time to download some hardcore tunes from Barry Manilow, Celine Dion, and old Brady Bunch melodies for my next cycle.  

So, have you bought your new wife some roller skates or did you have to give that stuff up and trade your leotard and skates in for a better weight bench ?  
Thank God. I thought we had another &quot;Real Deal&quot; type guy here. One is already too much, frankly, it's a relief we don't have another one.
Yeah, that guy's a little psycho I think. He knows just enough to hurt himself. Nah, we're lucky to see Steve at all, he doesn't say much; he just lifts.
Nah, Steve, I still go dancin', but Deb gets hurt every time she tries (fear) so we made her quit. She loves to watch and dance on the rinkside while I get in my cardio. She says I'm blacker than she is... well, a man's gotta be good at somethin', huh?
Yo' funky friend.