Forum Etiquette

Bryan Haycock

Staff member
Hello Everyone,

I just had a few things that I wanted to address. First, welcome to all the new members. We are up to 192 members with more people signing in each day. With each new member, the potential of the board to meet a greater variety of people’s needs goes up. Please note the “Invite a Friend” function on the index page of the forum. You can invite a friend to sign up simply by typing in their email address and rolling your mouse over the “your name” and “your email address” boxes.

On a different note, something I didn’t want to see on the Forum, is people resorting to insults and condescending language in their posts. This will only hurt the quality of the board, and suffocate serious (i.e. useful) discussion about training, nutrition, and supplementation. Questions and answers will best serve peoples needs if they are direct and too the point, without superfluous tangents.

The Forum can not tolerate direct attacks on people’s character. This is not what the Forum is for. It is for the free exchange of information. Yes, some information people offer will be ill-informed, and overly opinionated, but as long as it is technical in nature it must be allowed. However, “flaming” and “trolling” will not be allowed.

Flaming will be defined as personal insults. This needs no further explanation. Just don’t do it.

Trolling will be defined as writing in a “style” or “attitude” deliberately intended to aggravate, irritate, inflame, provoke, patronize, disrespect, stir up contention, or otherwise “get the goat” of people on the board. Clearly this is somewhat of a judgment call, and I will act VERY conservatively when publicly warning someone who is appears to be “trolling”. Arguments over who started it will be considered irrelevant.

If a person persists in their trolling after being publicly warned, they will be put on probation. Probationary status will be assigned on a temporary basis. If you are put on probation, your access and participation will be limited at our discretion. Once an individual, who has been put on probation for flaming or trolling, demonstrates a change in posting behavior, they will be restored to normal status with full access to the forum restored.

I guess the bottom line is that the educational goals of the Forum outweigh a member’s right to cause trouble. Please do your part to keep the Forum the best place on the net to talk and learn about training, nutrition, and supplementation.