Does NO2 or pump supplements work?


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I am continuously intrigued the ads about the controversial Nitric Oxide(N20) supplements on how fantastic it is according to the ads etc. This is somehow exaggerated to say however I just wanna hear from you guys if NO2 supplements or pump supplements such as Size On, Animal Pump, etc has positive or negative effects on your training etc? I want to hear different honest thoughts and experiences from people in this forum. Thank You..
My favorite Animal supplement is steak. After that I suppose milk would take a distant second.

I don't much fool with all the gingerbread. Mainly, it works to make your urine very expensive...
hahaha very funny eh guys.. well thank you.. any other experiences with N02 supplements? My urine is also expensive because I drink Nitro Tech, Anator P70, and other Muscle Tech diamond-priced supplements..
I can't be of much help here. The supplements I take are Whey, Carbs (maltodextrin), Fish Oil and Multivitamin (and coffee
). I used creatine in the past and will be using it again soon. Those have been proven useful time and again. Apart from that everytime I think about getting a different supplement I check the ingredients first. Most are made of vitamins, protein and carbs others are made from a undisclosed proprietary mix (which might as well be vitamins, protein and carbs).

If I were you I'd check people like Will Brink or someone like him about this as they would have the research, I thjnk even Lyle McDonald will probably give you a good review, but I tell you Tunnel is not too far off.

NO2 only serves the purpose of inflating your msucles while it is present in your blood, once it leaves your metabolism, your muscle size returns to normal, it'll give the impression that it works because over time your muscles respond to the growth stimulus you provide them with the NO2, not because of itself!

Kinda reminds me of viagra! Perhaps this is better as the side effects are rather non-existent comapred to actual viagra.
Well Fausto thanks for sharing your thoughts. BTW, I am here after the different individual experiences for guys who have used NO2 and pump supplements. What are its positive and negative effects to working out besides its pumps. Did some of you experienced better energy while working out or did it brought negative effects such as cramps and other side effects like nauseousness or dizziness etc?
I'm pro NO2 if you have the money and are already getting your protein in. The caffeine and arginine pumps make working out so much more fun!

The arginine boosts are temporary, but they do work. Studies show strength increases from A-AKG.

In the LONG-TERM, the only reason these products work is because of creatine, which we already know works and is safe. Also the ones with BCAAs are good because those are nice to take before working out as well.

My two favorites are Gaspari's SuperPump 250, or if watching carbs, VPX NO Shotgun (20g protein, 0g carbs). I'm yet to find anything that comes even close to SuperPump.

No, they're not necessary, but after working out with them, I don't like to enter the gym or pool without my caffeine and arginine rush on!