Does Nitric Oxide slow growth?


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The recent posts re Myo-reps reminded me about a question I was going to ask last year (but stopped taking NO so never bothered).

Do you think NO supplements could actually reduce long term muscle growth as they essentially have the opposite effect to vascular occlusion?
Now that's just a scary question. I don't do the NO2 supps, but instead cap my own bulk L-Arginine and take about 4 caps a day, especially before workouts.
$34.00/lb. for those interested.
I cap it because I took a spoonful of it -once. Tastes like dead wino socks.
I have suspected this for a long time. Dont know if it is so though. Yes vascular occlusion gives the muscle a reason to adapt (it needs to be able to do more reps with a lower flow of blood). There are other factors that create hypertrophy do which makes it more complicated.
I dont think I ever seen a study showing evidence that NO-supps do anything for muscle growth (unless they also have creatine and beta-alanine in them of course
) so to me it just seems like a waste of money, never used them.
Yes, agree on the sups you guys mention. It was just a random thought I had after reading that research on occlusion. Though I guess NO can help in some ways . . . but may also have some downside depending on how & why you are training etc.

Like most things it's all about getting the right balance, as we know there are many variables that will affect rates of muscle growth. Get any one of them wrong and growth will slow/stop. One study may show one thing but another may contradict it. Most often cos they use old ladies and people who are not seasoned weight trainers . . . . it seems to me

We'll just have to wait for a good study .... gonna be a long wait!!
I like the feeling in my workouts when I take L-arginine...and that's how I find the patience to sit here and cap up 50-100 caps at a time. I don't mean pump or anything like that; just the feeling of circulation, steady heartbeat, and energy replenishment, although that one may be due to some other factors.