Does Cutting Gel work??

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  1. If cutting gel doesnt work specifically but say another brand of it does, eg. Lipoderm-Y, then please say so.
  2. virtualcyber

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    I think Lipoderm-y works ... I want to see a comparison between yohimburn and lipoderm-y (which works better?)
  3. NightOp

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    do a search on any BBing board/forum... it is widespread knowledge that cutting gel is basically useless for local fat loss and the only results seen are temporary water loss.. however, I have never used it myself... this is just what I have read OVER AND OVER again.

    IMO, Yohimburn and LipoDerm-Y are both solid products, but your diet is going to be the limiting factor when using them... if you are not creating a caloric deficit then results will not be near as good.

    If I was going to use any of the many topical fat loss products out there, it would be LipoDerm-Y... it is from a very good company and last time I checked was fairly cheaper than yohimburn. If you use either of these products, you will probably have noticable water retension (bloat/puffiness/watery feel) in the area applied... the best way to counter this is to use a local diruretic such as thiomucase (, safe, legal.) applied at a different time of the day (2xday) than when you apply your lipoderm or yohimburn... this will remedy the water retension.... however some people just don't mind it and don't even bother with thiomucase or other topical diruetics.
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    Cutting Gels do not work, IMHO. I do not believe in spot reduction. In order to lose fat, the first and foremost thing to do is to eat clean. Everything else is secondary.
  5. Lipoderm-Y is not a cutting gel. It is a topical fat loss agent. Cutting gels are merely local diuretics, meaning they help remove water from an area, and for that purpose they work. Unless you are preparing for a competition, I can't imagine how that would be useful, though.
    Lipoderm uses Yohimbe with a special carrier to localize the effects on the fat where its applied, and from all the feedback I've read, it works. You should have your diet dialed in (under maint., of course), and should already be lean (under 15% or so).
    Check out for more on Lipoderm.
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    I have used the cutting gells (yes gells, as in more than once slow learner I guess) And I can say for 100% certanity they do not work for me. I was so fed up with the second bottle I actually took it back and got my $$$ back. I had never done that before with any supplement.

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