Cures for back pain?

Discussion in 'Basic Training Principles and Methods' started by quadancer, Dec 4, 2006.

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    Is it the physical work? Is it adjusting our mental state?

    Who knows? Who cares? As long as you are feeling better. I hope your success with this continues. Some more prayers from this Ex-Rev coming your way (just in case they help too). [​IMG]

    Well, not exactly your way...but you are included.
  2. I've had back and also neck pain for years. I had a MRI of my neck and was told that I've got a bunch of degenerative discs. I had health insurance then and was prescribed some physical therapy, but at $50.00 co-pay per visit I could not afford her 2 visit a week program. I got the P-therapist to show me all the exercises the first session and they were just light exercises including some that Peak_Power suggested.  They were helpful but did not eliminate the problem.  I still use them when I think of it though.

    A respected Christian friend told me about a self healing approach that sounds kind of "out there" but as I have practiced it, I have gotten tangible results and have learned more detail from the many professionals (psychotherapists, MD"s, physical therapists etc) that are using it. It's free and the website is:  

    I downloaded the free 89 page manual and have found it very usefull for pain and stress.

    Check it out if you want to. You've got nothing to lose but your pain.  You can also use the simple techniques to help others with their pain or problems.
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    Welcome, Fit. Interesting to see what your first post is about! Also nice to see a site that gives a huge introductory package for free. I ordered it and will check it out after I finish the book, which is mostly just information (which alone begins the healing process!) as I see they start you with some techniques. Good deal.
    I hope your HST journey is a profitable one, as it is for most everyone.
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    Quad, please let me know how the EFT techniques work for you. I was considering showing it to my wife because she has had neck pain for many years.
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    Uh, actually I got to studying the 40-something page starter manual they sent me, and since a lot of it really sounded a bit off to me (and I'm pretty open-minded!) I decided to do a search for reviews or critisizms or studies done on it. I found one where this psychology/psychiatry group of some kind used 150 Stanford university students, and set up a control group, a pure EFT group, a group using EFT, but tapping on a doll instead of themselves, and a group tapping themselves in different places than the "energy meridians" EFT required.
    They used phobias as the common ailment, since most everyone has a phobia or two...the control group had, of course, no inprovement. The other three had nearly identical results, the doll tappers a little less than the others. It was purported that the distraction and some other psychiatric principles were involved here, and not so much the "energy" meridians and such, but nonetheless, there were significant improvements and cures for the phobias. I was going to post the link, but today, it won't work! is a link that reads like a banner ad for EFT - until you get down to the bottom, where it talks about some hardcore studies and result, and what EFT is good for and not good for.
  6. Hello again Quad_Dancer & Bulldog,
    There is a helpful link (at least it helped me) on the EFT homepage, .  First go to the link about 1/2 way down the page on the left side that says: (you can get started for free) Then when that opens check the box that says: EFT Insights Newsletter .  I did that and ordered the free EFT manual at the same time.  I get an e-mail 2 or 3 x a week and it often has articles by laymen and professionals that have opened my eyes to many constructive possibilities.  Admittedly some seem rather "far out" but there are a lot of people of all kinds using this technique to help themselves, their friends and their patients.  Of course I would not expect them all to share  the same core beliefs and values as myself.  
        Any how if you are interested in EFT, I suggest you check out the EFT insights newsletter.
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    While researching I saw this quote and wanted to share something that happened to me a couple days ago at the end of my second week of 15s in my first HST cycle.

    I’ve had a herniated lumbar disk for several years due to a work accident and aggravated it a few days ago while throwing a heavy power cable to someone. While doing a set of DL on Friday I felt something in my lower back and instantly the sciatica I’d been feeling was gone and hasn’t come back in two days.

    I was scared of getting back into lifting after a 15 year break since I now have the problem with the ruptured disk but since I use to power lift I figured it might be ok if I maintained good form. I hope this isn’t a one-off thing and that as I keep lifting it will help keep the pain at bay.

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