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Hi everyone

I saw a somewhat dated post where Bryan said he would take CLA once he could afford it. How has the thinking around CLA evolved recently? Is it worth taking?

Waste of money. If you are concerned, just take flax. I would skip it entirely and just take fish oils.
The only thing that you can do that will reliably improve p-ratio is lifting weights. Assuming you wish to remain natural, drug free. Creatine can also give a small enhancement to p-ratio.
What are the different results from flax vs fish oils vs cod liver oil (obviously i'm aware of the CLO)?

(Kinda hoping for a summary to save me getting overwhelmed with the science from a google search).

I was just in a health shop looking at fish oil tablets, flaxseed and cod liver oils and came away with the latter as its the only one I know of. I was curious in the shop as the fish oils seems to have a much higher concentration of the same few ingredients, just with different vitamins. The women in the shop really didn't fill me with confidence when she pointed the customer before me to a ready made protein shake to help her skinny teenage son put on weight.