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  1. boggy

    boggy New Member

    I weight approx 65 Kg. and I take 2 grams fish oil (in pills) daily before lunch and dinner,recently i have bought a CLA supplement; each pill contains 770 mg. of CLA.
    How many pills should i take daily?
  2. Blade

    Blade Super Moderator Staff Member

    You should be getting a minimum of 6g of CLA to notice any effects from it, so 8 pills per day.
  3. Bryan Haycock

    Bryan Haycock Administrator Staff Member

    And try to take them after meals containing carbohydrates.
  4. boggy

    boggy New Member

    Thx for replying [​IMG]
    just another question about EFAs:
    As I said I take two pills (1gram each) of fish oil, should i take them before or after my lunch/dinner?
    And also I red somewhere in the forum that too much omega 3 are not good so I was wondering if I should drop flax seed oil (I take 1 tbs a day).
  5. vito

    vito New Member

    Some say to avoid combining your cla dose with efa's as they may compete for the same enzymes. Don't know how true that is but just thought I would throw it out there. There are arguements that support both empty stomache and with meal consumption of fish oil so I say pick the more convinent of the two considering your cla doseing. While it is possible to over do the omega-3's it will definatly not happen at two grams a day. Drop the flax and use the money to increase your fish oil consumption. Try for at least 4 grams.
  6. boggy

    boggy New Member

    I use flax oil only beause I like his taste when mixed in my protein shake and regarding fish oil I moved to cod liver oil (1tbs daily=8g.) which is cheaper.

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