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  1. faz

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    i am just starting hst...i have read a lot of the threads, but i would like to know is it ok if i am doing a basic 3 day a week routine to do my cardio after my workout..and can i do hiit cardio for say 20 to 30 mins..or just moderate cardio..also after the first sd...could i do 12,10,8,5, instead of 15,10 and two 5s....when i first started training many years ago..i did a 3 day a week total body workout .doing 3 sets of 12 10 8. their was no sd after 8 weeks ,but it was simaler to this and that was probably when i made the most gains thats why i am keen to give this a go..cheers
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    If your goal is strickly to burn fat, do the cardio first thing in the morning before eating or, alternatively, after your weight workout. Do whatever cardio fits into your goals.

    Yes to the 12, 10, 8, 5 as long as your joints and connective tissues do not bother you in which case 15's are advisable.
  3. faz

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    thanks for the reply.i am going to do the basic routine first... then after my first sd me and my training partner are going to do the routine.....

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